F3 It’s Just Lunch, Wednesday 04/07/2021

PAX:  Byrider, Dabo, Udders, Aldi, Cuffy, Barney, Black Swan, Frog Slobber, Kevin, Snow White, Ponch, Patch, Magician, Spurrier (QIC)

Wheel Unfortunate

Warm-O-Rama –  Short Mosey To Park Maintenance Building

Side Straddle Hops (x15 IC), Forward Side Straddle Hops (x15 IC)
Criss Cross Side Straddle Hops (x15 IC)
Heisman’s (x15 IC)
Speed Skaters (x15 IC)
Windmills (x12 IC)

THANG:    YOY Today, Wheel of Pain, Pick a Partner

-7 Stations Set Up (Cones) with a Cone in the Middle

-Partner A Stays to Perform The Prescribed Exercise (AMRAP)
-Partner B Bear crawls, crab walks, broad jumps to center cone
-Partner B does one Burpee at Center Cone, then runs to Relive Partner A
-Flip Flop

Once both partners have completed exercise, together they run clockwise all the way around, past the exercise they just performed, and then advance to the next.

AMRAP Exercises:  Burpees, 360 Jump Squats, Freddy Mercury, Merkins, WWI Sit Ups, Star Jumps, Jump Rope

THANG#2:  Field Sprints, 2 Heats, 80% Effort, then 100% Effort

THANG#3:  2 Min Burpee Finisher

6MOM:  Low Slow Flutter (x15 IC), Byrider (Homer & Marge)

Frog Slobber led us out with American Hammer (x30)


The honor was mine today.

Aye-  Spurrier