PAX 20 see video namorama 

YHC arrived early to set up and scope out the AO. I pull up to find some seasoned cyclists about to depart. I made some introductions, admired some sweet two wheeled transportation and headed out towards the track.

Full disclosure…..this former lineman and wrestler has zero track IQ. My workout needed 10m marked off. I set cones on one line and proceeded to measure my needed 10m with a tailors measuring tape (3 total resets to get distance). Much to my surprise there was another line on the track at 10m. That really could have saved time. Back to shovel flag to await PAX.

As it closed in on 7 no one had showed yet. I was starting to think Nordikanda had pulled everyone away. No worries the PAX started to roll in.

Disclosure, into and mission were given


SSH, windmills, string rippers, sun gods, chinooks

Headed to the track

Thang 1

Death by 10m

Each minute you have to run increasing laps between two cones 10m apart. Every round we add one run. All the way to 14 in the last minute, the only rest is until next timer starts. The PAX was encouraged to do exercises on early rounds.

PAX crushed it!

Thang 2

Green Sally routine (exercises done to Moby’s flower song….Green Sally up, Green Sally down)

Leg raises for round 1

Big boys round 2

Squats round 3


Thang 3

Death by 10m working from 14 down to 1



We moseyed back to flag for some Mary

I asked Mr. Incredible for an arb workout and he asked me to play Banana Boat by Harry Belafonte and led us through a grueling ab routine…..ask someone who was there.



Jaberwaki  and half marathon on trails coming up.

NEW AO at Smith High School launches on

May 6 at 5:30am

YHC took us out and we fellowshipped with Nordikanda runners