Date: 04/09/2021

Location: THE premier Friday AO in Natville

Temp:  55 deg. and clear

PAX:  Pianoman, Aquaman (respect), Jitterbug (respect), Crawlspace, 3 the hard way (Crawlspace’s shortie), Harey Carey, Good Hands, Nest Egg, Canary, Fannie, Jingles, Baby Bop, Matlock (QIC)

13 pax beat the fartsack to a bloody pulp and posted to the Fringe for a kinder gentler Matlock Q.  YHC noted that at least half of the usual PAX shied away from the Fringe seeking safe harbor at Son of a Bench.  Their loss…



10 Hug Thy Self IC

10 Little Baby Arm Circles Forward IC then 10 Reverse IC

10 Abe Vigodas IC

15 Mountain Climbers IC


Part I: We then did a Death March off the reservation down Lake Brandt Road to Covenant Church.  The Death March is a single applesauce mosey where the back Pax does 2 burpees before sprinting to the front.

Part II: At the Church we circled up for 5 sets of triple 10s  (10 of a merkin exercise, 10 of a squat execrise and 10 of a pax called variable, which YHC calls “Whatdowe Got?”)

Set 1:  Reg Merkin, Reg Squat, Canary called Gorilla Humpers

Set 2: Wide Merkin, Wide Squat, Nest Egg Called Low Slow Flutters

Set 3: Diamond Merkin, Wojo Squat, Aquaman called WWII Situps

Set 4: Hand Release Merkins, Jump Squats, Jitterbug called CrunchyFrogs

Set 5: T-Bar Merkins, Mary Catherine lunges, Good Hands called Box Cutters

Part III:  Triple Decker:  groups of 3, Pax 1 holds an AL GORE; Pax 2 holds a PLANK; Pax 3 sprints 20 yds out and back; switch positions.   Run this for 5 minutes.  We may have gone over time to make sure Aquaman got that last sprint in…

Part IV:  Death March back to the shovel flag, DO NOT TURN RIGHT! We marched for 1.5 miles.  Jailbreak to the flag in the parking lot.



10 Dying Cockroaches IC

10 American Hammers IC


-Cobains to Pianoman who was caught doing burpees at the end of the line when the jailbreak was called.  He’s a shortie, he will get over it!

-NOTHING lifts your sprits more than having Canary tell you the you led a “solid beatdown”

-Tclaps to Jitterbug for a solo EC run before the beatdown which involved 2.9 miles of more running.  Apparently Xerox Matlocked him!


COT:  Jingles took us out.  Thank you sir.


It was an honor to lead today.