4-6-21 Tuesday evening 5:45 PM, Blue Plate AO, Western Guilford Middle School, 401 College Rd, Greensboro, NC 27410.

Warm evening, 80 degrees, low humidity.

Stryker was on edge, his family left him for dog sitting duties while they did an epic car trip. Should he be concerned? Maybe.

Earlier he had “smoked himself” at the Rainbow Dash Saturday, an AO that goes out of it’s way to be irrelevant. No Q schedule, no twitter support, some would say it is where Pax retire or fade away (I beam, Woody, Quicken, Jordache, Sugar Cakes).

Last time he promised that the WO was going to be pretty good, because he was pretty good. So he had a lot on his “PLATE” for Tuesday.

And, he is on the F3 Board, so he must be politically connected.

BTWY, I guess this may be a cult cuz there are no elections,,,,

PAX: Windmill, Mudflap, Short Bus, Sheldon, Renaissance, Rabbit, Damage Control, Minute Man, Eggplant, Expired, Viagra, Plissken, Quint, Kevin, and Stryker on the Q.

Short Bus was getting in 3.2 miles of EC, you could say he was coming in Hot, Holy crap, Renaissance posts! 1st time since covid! WELCOME!

What follows are his notes.

  1. Prep
  2. Bring: Cones, Frisbee, football b. Wiki (That’s Weinke Board Member)
  3. Intro
  4. Mission
  5. Disclaimer
  6. I’m no pro – can’t sue
  7. U v U (do your best and forget the rest)
  8. Mosey
  9. Warmarama
  10. Jog to track, or the cul de sac
  11. SSH–15
  12. Neck Rolls
  13. Sun Gods, Chinook, Moroccan night club – 10 each e. Slow Hula Hoop
  14. Windmills – 10
  15. Cobra squats – hold at the bottom (all the way down, wait for my up) – 10 h. Side Lunge – hold for 15 seconds each
  16. Left over Right – hold for 15 seconds – switch
  17. Plank – Cobra merkins – Hold at 3 inches, wait for my up- If Viagra was Qing’ this is where he would start shouting at the PAX to listen,,,
  18. Down/Up Dog

It was HOT, not much chatter. If you think your ready for the summer because you get it on in the Gloom, may I invite you the Plate, Closing Time or It’s just Lunch to teach you about heat and humidity? Talking to you GLOOM WARRIORS.


  1. Mosey to the Thang (TCLAPS to the Q for doing something original.
  2. The Thang – – need several cones…start, middle, end i. Count off by 2
  3. Team 1 runs long (app 200 yards) (UPTEMPO!, not mosey!) (half way around track)

iii. Team 2 does “slow” exercise for 50 yards (Straight across the field) 1. Both teams meet at the same spot at roughly the same time

  1. Both teams do the main exercise on the sheet when they meet in the middle v. After the main exercise, switch on the way back (Team 1 goes shorts, team 2

runs long)

  1. To modify – don’t run, go straight across the field, do the exercise, come back…or run

both times and skip the field

  1. 1 minute rest between each set after the 6 is in

Between sets/extra credit – On bleachers

o Dips(20)

o Derkins(15)

o Irkins(15)

o LegUpPistolSquat

o DeclineSidePlanks(30seconds perside)

o DeclineCarolinaDryDock(15) o SurferGetup

Main Exercise (and “slow” exercise)

– 10 Burpees (Bear Crawl, Crawl Bear)

– 20 Jump Squats (High Knees, butt


– 30 Merkins (Squat Walk, Walk Squat)

– 40 WWII Situps (Broad Jump, skip)

– 50 Squat (Karaoke, switch sides)

– 60 Jump Rope/Calf Raise (Side Bear

Crawl, switch sides)

– 70 Shoulder Taps (Lunge Walk, walk


  • 80 LBC (Side Lunge, switch sides)


Yes, we almost made it through, and some advice: if you struggle with 40 sit ups, you need to do 40 sit ups daily.

Up to the Top to Mary with low slow flutters and hammers.

Excellent Q, all got better. Windmill is next, followed by Mudflap and then a VQ by Plisskin.

Announcements- Stryker is on the board, Community housing solutions work day is May 2, which is nice since YHC knows Stryker has a MT Mitchell cabin reserved,,,,,

Damage Control took us out. All 15 stayed for the 2 F!

Thanks for leading!