Date: 4-3-21

Where: Northwest Guilford High

When: 7-8 AM in the Gloomy goodness

Why:  To plant, grow, and server small workout groups for men, for the invigoration of male community leadership.

Who:  10 hardy Natvillelites:  Black Swan, Big Worm, Stickshift, Wicked, Hoosier, Patch, Airball, Xerox, Udders, Jitterbug Q

Temp: 32 F, Wind: none, Dew..Frozen, Sun: peaking through trees

We gathered and prepared to start at 0700 the faithful time, when we spotted some wayward Pax blazing into the parking lot in his wife’s new bird killer -Yukon/Suburban-….so we moseyed.  Turned out to be Airball who quickly caught up as we headed for the football stadium, accompanied by cries for “What about the mission statement??”  ‘The mission of F3 is to start at 7 AM on Saturdays!”  🙂

Upon reaching the track at the S end of the football field/endzone area, I was instructed by Wicked that the place to Warm-O was on the blacktop -rectangular vs half moon shaped, so I complied and we moved to the paved rectangle area where I announced “the first exercise is…pause….”DON’T DO SSH’S! some bosey pax yelled….. “Side Stradle Hops!”  NOTE:  Also Blackswan joined us by then.

WARM-O was

SSH’s 20 IC, then String Rippers: 11 IC then we moseyed 1/4 mile around track

Lucky 7’s: then Hi Jack Hi Jills: 10 IC: then we moseyed 1/4 mile around track

Imperial Walkers: 10 IC then Press Press Flings 10 IC, then we formed an Indian Run line and did the burpee 1/4 mile

Plank Jacks 15 IC then Mountain Climbers: 15 IC, mosey 1/4 mile around track


Easter Egg Hunt on the football field!  9 eggs with exercises in each.  Form a line on the goal line and start proceeding across the field to find the eggs, when you find them call out, read the paper inside with exercise and we do them together.

Egg Exercises were:

1:20 Crabcakes IC, 2:Run to the endzone, do 6 Turkish get ups, return to same spot, 3:20 Hand release merkins, 4:Run to top of stadium, and back, 5: Run to benches on side line, do 15 dips IC, 6: Run to benches on side of stadium do 20 step ups each leg, run back. 7: Bear crawl to endzone and back 30 yds and  back 8: Broadjump burpees for 20 yds 9: Back peddle to endzone do 3 prisoner get ups return to same spot

walk recovery for 50 yds> then mosey to parking lot at flag.


Parking Lot Pergatory BLIMPS

Everyone starts on the end of a parking spot line and begins with 2 Burpess>move to top of line and do 2 lunges -ea leg-, moving up the parking lot toward the road> to next line end, do 2 Imperial Walkers>move 2 Merkins> move to next line 2 Plank jacks> move> 2 Squats> keep moving up the parking lot at the lines and increase reps to 4, repeat above moving up parking lot>4 of each BLIMPS exercise>then 6 reps> when you reach the top of the parking lot>mosey back to bottom> 8 reps>then 10

When Wicked finished his 3rd set of 10 reps I called OMAHA!

Return to flag:

MARY:  Body Destroyers: 10 IC  :),  Left Right Middle sit ups: 10 IC, Low Slow Flutters: 15 IC, American Hammers: 1 IC

Announcements:  Nordicanda coming up next weekend: 3 options: 18 from Nordic Tract, 12 from Strawberry Rd., or 6.5 from Safety Town to Wakanda.  April 24 is the Owl’s Roost Rumber 1/2 marathon trail run, sign up online.  Backpacking trip next weekend, contact YHC, Patch, Hallpass, or STP if interested.  2ndF today at Kevin’s Jumping Bean.  Run after this at 830 trail run at Burmill Park today.

COT:  Patch took us out with a prayer.  AYE!


Great day.  Weather was nice, we had ice on the field early.  Everybody pushed hard, and stayed mostly together.  Lots of good mumble chatter and banter.  Everybody loved my 90’s nylon shorts.  Ha!  Honored to be with you men.  Great to have Big Worm with us!  AYE!