At 0450 hours YHC loads the truck with all the essentials for a bare-knuckle warriors breakfast.  Those essential ingredients are as follows: Two industrial grade tractor tires, a 6.5′ log and orange cones.

Warrior Mindset

Too often we try to be “something” to “someone”.   Even more dangerous is the desire to be “everything” to “everyone”.  Don’t get caught in that trap.



Be weird.

This workout must be executed only on rare occasions and with a Doctor present – Check and Check, with  the latter courtesy of F3 WKRP (aka Dr. Richard Ramos).  There will be no speed this morning, only Violence (violence of action).   Below is a retelling…..

Date:   4/1/21

The PAX: STP, Phoenix, WKRP, Don’t Cha Know, Tommy Boy, Scratch and Gunny (QIC)


We mozy to Friendly Center Grande Cinema parking lot where mischief is made

Sun Gods x 20………Hold and Reverse x 20

Copperhead Squats – x 20

String Rippers x20

The Thang:

4 Stations of Ill Repute – That’s 3 Vegetables which must be eaten first, with a “Meat” as 4th station, all exercises w/ Ruck on, or holding Ruck and/or Coupon.  “Serve You Meat” is what is asked of the customer at any K&W restaurant after one gets about 1/4 of the way through the serving line (just after fruits and veggie options).  That phrase resonates still and admittedly has YHC craving K&Dubs fried chicken, hamburger steak or Prime rib.  Seriously underrated food gents.  Go get some and you’ll also reduce the median age in there by a solid 12-20 years.  I digress…

Vegetable   1:

Monkey Humpers – 15x (in cadence)

Alt Shoulder. Taps – 15 (in cadence)

Low Slow Flutter (Coupons up high)– 15x (in cadence)

**Lunge to next station

Vegetable   2:

Goblet (Zercher) Squat – 20 (Single Count)

Nose Breakers– 20x (in cadence)

Low Dolly’s – 10x (In cadence)

**Lunge to next station

Vegetable   3:

Chesty Pullers (Overhead weighted/coupon sit-ups) – 20 single count

Mtn. Climbers– 20x (in cadence)

Ruckins (Merkins w Ruck) – 15 Single Count

**Double time to next station

Serve Your Meat   4:

LOG DRILL – 2  PAX on Log – Raise log up and overhead until relieved from tire flippers #what’stakingsolong

Tractor Flip Drill – 2 PAX – Down and Back

*Flapjack with LOG Drillers and execute each drill 3 times

**Reverse lunge back to Station 1 for rinse and repeat of stations

We rinsed and repeato’d Stations 1 and 2 – Omaha called and mozied back to shovelflag


Outside of American Hammers, YHC does not recall – Potentially lack of proper hydration has hypothalamus area of the brain doing funky things on YHC

Honor to help gently guide the PAX through the Warriors Breakfast.

COT: Gunny

PAX: 7

QIC: Gunny