Weather:  Aprox. 30 degrees F.  Wind: 10-15 mph from the N

Time:  You know

PAX: Hallpass, Pity the Fool, Steely Dan, Centerfold, Jitterbug (YHQ)

Warm O:

Alternating Lunges 10 IC

Windmills w arm pump at top: 15 IC

Lucky 7’s

Hi Jack Hi Jill: 10 IC

String Rippers: 10 IC

Up back and Overs: 10


Burpee Mile(s)>Two man grinder:  One man stays at S end of the parking lot and does 5 Burpess + one of the remaining exercises in the BLIMPS, ie, 5 burpees + Lunges AMRAP till relieved by partner.

The other man runs around the circle in parking lot to the N end and does 10 burpees and return to the S end to relieve his partner, he then does 5 burpees and the next exercise in the BLIMPS.

Completed 100 burpees, 1.6 mile run, 374 cals burned, 39 ft in elev gain


5 Burpess together.  Body destroyers 10 IC, Ab work: Left, Right Middles 10, American Hammers 3 IC

Great work guys!

Announcements: Sacked on the Q at Cougar Town tomorrow, Snooki on the Q at Cornwallis Nightmare, Jitterbug on the Q at Nordic Tract.  New YAMMER podcast is out w Hallpass interviewing YHC.

COT:  Centerfold took us out, reminding us to count our blessings and appreciate everyday we have together.  AYE! AYE!