PAX: Baby Bop, Boy Wonder, Patch (Splinter Ruck), Snowflake, Huffy, 3 Card Monte, Snookie, Bones, Joey (War Baby), Jitterbug, Crockett, Sacked – QIC

12 PAX including YHC hit Country Park this morning for the Thursday Sweat Angel beatdown. Weather was great and all PAX were assembled and ready to go at 5;30 a.m. With intro comments completed and no FNG’s we got things going.

We weights in tow we began on a Farmers Carry walk up to the Church Parking lot. We stopped along the way for additional Warm-A-Rama


  • Imperial Walkers x 15ic
  • String Rippers x 15ic
  • Sun Gods x 10ic each direction

Once we arrived at the Church parking lot each PAX member picked a parking spot along the sidewalk curve.


  • Merkin to WW1 Ladder with Lunge Walk in between
    • Merkins starting at 15
    • WW1 starting with 1
    • Lunge walk from the curb to the each of the parking lot in between the ladder exercises

Disclosure time. What looked like a winner workout on paper turned out to be a time consumer. Half way through the first Ladder section it became clear that we either needed more time to complete the next few ladders with new exercises or YHC had to adapt and improvise to get a good beat down completed within the allotted 45 minute time. Adapt is what we do. An Omaha was called on the Ladders and we did a pivot to the next group of exercises.

  • Merkin x 20 single count
  • Monkey Humpers x 20 ic
  • 3 Sets of the following
    • Bicep Curls x 12 single count each arm
    • Tricep Kickbacks x 12 single count each arm

With a distance to cover to get back to the Shovel Flag and Omaha was called again and we began our Farmers Carry walk (with weights). ON the way back to the Shovel Flag we performed a series of Cusack and Shoulder Press with the weights as well as 2 stops along the way to shake out the arms and then began the Farmers Carry walk again.


  • Freddie Mercuries x 20ic
  • Homer to Marge x 10
  • American Hammer x 10ic


  1. Snowflake – in NC Covid Vaccine eligibility has been opened as of now to all persons
  2. Patch – Q Source at Green Joe’s today and every Thursday. Come on out and enjoy the learning and discussion.
  3. Snookie – has the Q this Saturday at Cornwallis Nightmare
  4. Bones – need a volunteer to help Bones and his team as they support the Cone Health team helping with the vaccine process at the Coliseum. Let Bones know if you can help. Thank you.
  5. Baby Bop – Cross Ruck tomorrow. Gather at Grace Methodist Church at 4:55 a.m.
  6. Jitterbug – putting a group together to do a weekend hike/camp near Roan Mtn, Tenn. April 9 – 11. Hit up up JB if interested.


  • Thanks Crockett for the opportunity to Q Sweat Angel. Love this workout and AO. Good core group showing up each week.
  • Apologies Baby Bop that the nama-rama video did not capture you. Technical difficulty, but no doubt you were there and I am grateful for that.
  • JB Came in hot, but made the time. Patch came in Super Hot and headed out for Splinter Ruck. All good!
  • Good to get to know and see newish F3 member 3 card Monte posting several AO’s. Great to have you as part of the group.
  • Spoiler Alert: Keep an eye out as word on the street is 3 Card Monte will have his VQ at Sweat Angel in the near future.
  • Snookie babysitting little man Joey during the workout was priceless. Dont worry Bones we wont tell your M 🙂
  • Thanks to all who came out this morning. Cup is full.

Honor as always to serve. Sacked