Date: 3/20/2021

Workout: Cougar Town

Location: Kernodle Middle School

Pax: Wicked (Respect), Misfire, Kaizen (Respect), Hall Pass, Jigawatt, Love Seat, Foot Fairy, Magic Dragon, Bellhop, Picasso (Respect), Steely Dan, Red Dragon, I Pity the Fool (Respect), Airball, TPS, See Thru, Patch (Q)

This was a substitute Q for Tommy Boy.  Checking the Pax at the AO, made sure they had gloves.  All were Prepared.

The Mission of F3 is to plant, grow, and serve small workout groups, for men, for the invigoration of male community leadership.

Modify as necessary.  This workout should be fairly difficult for you.

Throughout the workout, whenever there is an Air Raid we will do 10 Merkins (rather than 5 burpees). Last week at Wicked’s Q we had over 10 air raids.  It was nuts. “How many planes does that airport have?”


Mosey to the hill.  Before reaching the base of the hill, there were 8 cinderblocks and 2-30lbs rucksacks.  Before we left the SF we paired up; as we’d be carrying the weight about a quarter mile, switch off as necessary.

20 – Peter Parkers IC

Take the weight to the top of the hill.  Dew on the grass made it kind of difficult to climb.

20 – Sun Gods IC (10 each direction)

Air Raid

Run down the hill.

Jump Squat Holds – starting at 10 working down to 1.  It’s from the Exicon.  10 Jump Squats, 10 second hold Al Gore. 9 Jump Squats, 9 second hold Al Gore.

Run up the hill.

Run down the hill.

Bernie Sanders – Run up the hill backwards.

10 – Side Squat Right

10 – Side Squat Left

10 – Merkins SC

Carry the weight to the parking lot above the track.

The Thang 1

YHC was going to structure this like a 3-man grinder but we had enough weight to split into 2 groups instead.

1st Group conducts the lists of exercises starting at 5 reps and moving up after completing each round.

2nd Group conducts 10 squat thrusts at each of the cones laid out along the parking lot.  There were 5 cones (~stations) to conduct the squat thrusts.

When the second group returns, each group will switch.  When you begin again at the exercise station you continue where you left off.

We had at least one air raid during the Thang.

Exercise (5-10-15-20-25) Transit
1) Merkins Squat Thrust
2) Plank Jacks (IC) Curls (Modify 1)
3) Hillbilly Squats (IC) Rows (Modify 2)
4) Ranger Merkins  
5) Mt Climbers (IC)  
6) WWIs  
7) Donkey Kicks  


This was highly confusing at first but it didn’t take too long for us to get started.  Originally, the intent was for there to be 10 rounds of squat thrusts.  Probably was a good thing that the first group out only did 5 rounds.  Didn’t really matter, since you’re always doing some sort of exercise throughout the circuit.  However, there was a spread developing after doing each of the 5 stations where guys got back at different times to the exercise station.

Both groups got through 3 rounds of squat thrusts. Our group were just starting 20 reps, the other group was half way though the 20 rep round.

The Thang 2

Set the weights aside and let’s head to the track.  We mosey’d 800 meters and returned for the Six.  The guys took this time to mumble chatter a bit and shake the soreness from the shoulder work in The Thang 1.  It was great.

On the way back to the SF, it’s hard not to stop at the Wall.  So we did.  YHC simply got in BTTW pose and the guys started to get into position.  No counting originally.  I was just going to continue to let the mumble chatter naturally fade from the pain.  About 20 seconds in, someone started up the count.  Guys started counting down the line and back.  RECOVER at 60. Well done guys.


6MOM for YHC usually is up for grabs.  Someone calls out an exercise an we’ll let you lead.  Wicked jumped on it… I got blamed, please accept my smile as cobains.

49 LSF IC with two air raids (Wicked)

20 Hip Dips IC (Wicked)

American Slammers (not sure of the name) – 5 American Hammers IC followed by 10 Merkins – 5 Rounds (Wicked)



Jabberwalkie 3 Murphs running between AOs after each one May 1st (JR/Slumlord)

Nordikanda Round 2 – April 10th (Guiding Light)

Owls Roost Half Marathon coming up – April 24th (Stick Shift)

American Yammer #5 Season 3 – Patch just came out

Wicked took us out.

Thanks for coming out to the AO.  Love Seat it’s great to see a new guy continue to post; keep it up! Picasso thanks for coming to Tommy Boy’s Q, haha (sorry to disappoint you). Magic Dragon good to see you back out.  The rest of you, Pax, thanks for earning your position as regulars, you rock.

Until next time, SYITG

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