Date: 3/11/21

AO: Sweat Angel, Jaycee Park, Natville, NC

Site Q: Crockett

Q: Jitterbug

It was a lovely morning to honor an American Hero who died in 2004, in Falujah, Iraq, while serving as a contractor with Blackwater.

Scott put together a VHS tape production in 1997, which is about when I bought it, maybe 98.  The video features Scott and his wife Trisha as workout partner.  My goal was to get through 3 11 min workouts.

We started with a Warm O

SSH’s , String Rippers, Hillbillies, and Scott H’s style of windmills


1st 11 min: Lower Body

Lunges 25 each leg>Squats 20>Side Straddle Squats “Feel the Goodness”>4 count rear kick, 10 ea leg>On your stomach: Super Man Flutter Kicks: 20>Inner Thigh Leg Lifts 20 ea. leg>Squat Thrusts: together on my down: 11>Calf Raises: 20>Squat Thrusts: Together: 14>Calf Raises: In bound: 20>Power Lunges: 15>Calf Raises: Outbound 20>Power Lunges: 18

2nd 11 min: ABS

Knee Pushes: 20>Knees to Chest: 20>Leg Lifts: 20>Flutter Kicks….you know…long ocean swims…yep…mainstay>Stretching Excercise: On your back, hands above heads, stretch, breathe…30 secs>Cross Leg Crunch, E2K 20 ea side>Oblique Crunches: 1 leg up at a time: 20 ea leg>Alt Side reaches, hands reach for feet, opposite side: 10 ea side>Stretching excercise: Cobra Stretches, like upward dog, look over your left…look over your right shoulder…down…up….look left…look right….>Alt Crunches w Legs up> 13 IC>Rope Climb, sit ups while pretending to pull yourself up w an imaginary rope 12> Jump Rope -situps- kind of like crunchy frogs 20>AB Labs, cruches, left knee, right knee, both knees: 15

3rd 11 mins: Chest and Shoulders

Merkins: 25>Recovery exercise: Press Press Fling: 10>Tricep pushups -Diamond Merkins- 20. “Pain is good, extreme pain is extremely good”>Stretch Exercise: Hi Jack Hi Jill: 10>Dive Bomber Push ups: like you’re trying to swoop under a fence: 10> Stretch Exercise: Up back and overs 10>Dips: 15>Swimmers Stretch: G0tta be able to do this to get in the pool!: 10>  TIME!!

Mary:  American Hammers:  “LET FREEDOM RING”!  15 ic

Snooki took us through 10 reps of weights over the head sit ups.  Aye!

Announcements:  Nordikanda Run 4-10-21, 3rd F, Q source today at Green Joe’s, Bodett on the Q. TODAY IS HUFFY’S 5TH ANNIVERSARY IN F3!  T-CLAPS HUFFY!  AYE!!

COT: Snooki took us out.  Aye!

PAX:  Baby Bop, Snooki -respect-Respect-, Crockett -Respect, Mall Cop, 3 Card Monte, Patch, Jitterbuy -YHC-