Date: 3/10/2021

Workout: Death Star

Location: Northern High School

Pax: Jigawatt, Baby Bop, Red Dragon, Aquaman (Respect), TJ Hooker, Hoosier, Wicked (Respect), Bodett, Foot Fairy, TPS, Good Hands, Love Seat, Stick Shift, Jitterbug (Respect), Airball, Canary, JR, Patch (Q)

EC run with JR.  EC tire flippers TPS, Red Dragon, Hoosier and Stick Shift (don’t think I forgot anyone there).

The Mission of F3 is to plant, grow, and serve small workout groups, for men, for the invigoration of male community leadership.

Today there will likely be need to modify.  Modify the reps or the form, it’s up to you.  It’s you vs. you.  Just try and be better than you were yesterday.


Mosey to the entrance of the school.

Cones were spread out along the entrance strip back through that first parking lot.  Here were the exercises:

Lunges to the first cone.

High knees…to the second

Butt Kickers



High Knees

Butt Kickers


Plank for the 6.

Circle Up for:

15 – String Rippers IC

14 – Windmills IC

Runners Lunge (30 Sec each leg)

Mosey to the field with the tires.

Thang 1 – Steinl

At this point in the game, there was an abundance of mumble chatter going on.  After being away for a month, all I did was smile.  No need for penalty burpees when you got the Steinl on the agenda.

YHC announced the Steinl, some guys didn’t know what that was so I got down in a plank to start leading by example.

30 Sec Plank

30 Sec Chillcut Plank

10 – Merkins IC

10 – Peter Parker, Mountain Climber, Parker Peter (Right Leg) IC

10 – Merkins IC

[Good job everybody…half way there.  Mumble chatter over.]

30 Sec Plank

30 Sec Chillcut Plank

10 – Merkins IC

10 – Peter Parker, Mountain Climber, Parker Peter (Left Leg) IC

10 – Merkins IC

YHC has wanted to lead a Steinl since I was first introduced to it at Q School in my first few months of F3.  Lindley park, I believe Tommy Boy led it with Crawlspace leading other exercises prior to the Steinl.  I remember saying, “What we just plank the whole time?” Crawlspace, “Oh, you’ll see.”

I started to fall apart on the last set of merkins but got through it.  Leading the Steinl was exactly how hard as I thought it’d be.

Mosey back to the main parking lot.

Thang 2 – Running Circuit

Downward Dog (~60 Secs) [Continuation of Warmarama weinke from previous Q]

Go through the parking lot backwards down the hill, mosey between the straights (don’t trip on the speed bumps), pick up the pace mosey up the hill.

Continued across the entire parking lot then picked up the 6.

Felt good to go at your own pace.  Stretch those legs out.  Socialize a little bit.

Mosey back to where we started.

25 – Merkins SC

20 – Bonnie Blairs (10 each leg)


25 – Freddy Mercury IC

Air Raid (5 Burpees)

29 – Flutter Kicks IC

20 – Cindy Crawfords IC

30 – American Hammers IC



Jabberwalkie 3 Murphs running between AOs after each one (JR/Slumlord)

Nordikanda Round 2 (Guiding Light)

Owls Roost Half Marathon coming up (Stick Shift)

Bodett is leading Q Source Thursday at Green Joes (Team Development)

TPS took us out

It’s good to be back.

  • Patch