YHC honored to lead on his Birthday. TCLAPS to Botox for the balloons and sign (that YHC had to wear for the full workout), and for the 6 LDubb PAX that joined the total 20 @F3Greensboro PAX this AM.

PAX: Wicked, TPS, Foot Fairy, Jitterbug, AirBall, Black Swan, Alieve, Birdie, Botox, Love Seat, Aquaman, Baby Bop, Steely Dan, RD, Webber, Philly, Magic, Centerfold, Good Hands, Jiggawatt

WAR: 20 SSH IC, 15 quad stretches IC, 15 knee pulls IC, 16 pigeons IC, 20 String Rippers IC, 10 F / 10 R sungods, 10F / 10R Chinooks


39 (candles) exercises in a circle, 11 reps each. Two groups, one on inside, other on outside – one clockwise, other counter clockwise (nice way to see different PAX during the beatdown).

4 special candles = hairburners to the middle and back. Some made the turn around the cone – tough!

Leg candles: Squat, Copperhead Squat IC, Wojo Squat, Spinning squat jumps, Sumo Squat, Calf Raises x20, Lunges SC, Lt. Dan’s, Monkey Humpers, Squat jumps, Prisoner Squats (with some padding)

Arm candles: Merkins, Ranger Merkins, Chuck Norris Merkins, Staggard Merkins (Left Forward), Staggard Merkins (Right Forward), Break dancer Merkins, Copperhead Merkin IC, Merkin Shoulder Taps IC, Stacked Feet Merkin (Left on top), Stacked Feet Merkin (Right on top), Cherkin (forehead touch ground), Wide Merkin

Ab candles: Crunchy Frog, In and Outs, Low Slow Flutter IC, WWI situps, WWII situps, LBC IC, Crunch punches, E2Ks SC, Homer / Marge SC, American Hammer IC, Freddie Mercury IC, Heels to the heaven


60 sec plank, 20 heel touches IC, 39 second plank at 6 inches above, 20 American Hammers

Thanks to the PAX for keeping me motivated.