YHC was a long time admirer, first time Q-er of this AO on February 17. If you haven’t been out to the lovely Oak Ridge Town Park, it’s certainly worth the beat down. I hear the gathering at the Lowe’s Foods Beer Den afterward is even better.

We started out with an approximate 400m warmup parking lot mosey to begin the…


Sun gods x 15 each direction, Chinooks x 15 each direction, SSH x 20, Abe Vigodas x 15, and Copperhead Squats x 15.

Short mosey the curb line to prepare for…

The Thang Jr.

All pax line up on the baseline. Perform a called out exercise to progress to the next cone OYO. 4 cones spaced approx. 20 yds apart. 4 exercises = Lt. Dans, Bear Crawl, Broad Jump, and Crab Walk. Rinse and repeat back down the river.

Short mosey to the baseball fields for…

The Thang Sr.

Count off in 4 groups. Each group reports to one of the 4 stations. Each station has a list of certain exercises. Once YHC calls start, begin the first exercise on the list for the listed number of reps, sprint back to the middle point with your group, then sprint to the next station in clockwise fashion. Rinse and repeat this sequence until the Q calls time. Here is a list of the included exercises present at all 4 stations: merkins (regular, wide, and diamond), LBCs, flutter kicks, low dollies, calf raises, chinooks, windmills, speed skaters, Bobby Hurleys, and goblet squats.

We managed to make it through the entire portfolio of exercises. Great job men!

Back to the shovel flag for…

Mary (People’s Choice Awards)

Low dollies, Homer to Marge, Pulsers, and American Hammers.


10 PAX = Frog Slobber, Windmill, Spurrier, Spicoli, Udders, Dabo, Caddy, Ponch, Leisure Larry, Maneater (QIC)


  • Frog Slobber is looking for college age kids to serve as camp counselors for the upcoming Victory Junction summer camp series
  • Dabo (Site Q) is in need of cinder blocks to build his portfolio for future workouts