Latham Grinder

Monday, February 22, 2021


32˚ Rainy


Modify as necessary!

I had planned a baseball field workout in homage to my first F3 post 4 years ago at Latham Grinder.  Seeing that it was raining and the field was soaked, I decided to move stations from the field to the asphalt.  After setting up 8 stations, I went for a solo EC and got back to the shovel flag just in time for…



CJ, Radiator (Respect!), Daisy, Herme, Lite Brite, Explosion, Huggies, Coach K, Ozone, YHC (Nomex)-Q

Mission of F3 stated, no FNGs, splinters dismissed, we began a mosey for…



To familiarize the PAX with the layout of the Thang, we moseyed to or past all the stations.

Mosey to station 8


Mosey past 1 to 2

15 imperial walkers IC

Mosey past 3 to 4

I cannot remember what we did here?

Mosey past 5 to 6

Sun Gods : 10 IC each direction, hold in between

Mosey past 7 to 8

10 Windmill.. no string rippers IC, that’s the ticket
10 windmills IC

Sufficiently warmed up, YHC proceeded to explain…


The Thang

8 Stations.  An exercise at each station.  Grab a partner.  Partner 1 does exercise while partner 2 runs to next station and back and relieves partner 1 and flip flop.  When partner 1 gets back, both run to next station.  Continue in order until Omaha.  1st group of partners went to station 1, 2nd went to station 3, and 3rd went to station 5.

Station 1: Merkins

Station 2: Lt. Dan

Station 3: LBC

Station 4: Plankjacks

Station 5: Freddy Mercury

Station 6: Side Straddle Hops

Station 7: Copperhead Squats

Station 8: Burpees

Everyone got through more than 1 1/2 cycles when Omaha was called (Awesome push by all!).



15 dying cockroaches IC

15 heel touches IC

15 low slow flutter IC

25 American Hammers IC




2:23 run on Saturday 9am at Dudley.  Sign up at:


Herme reminder to be aware. Dog attack and shooting happened near pax in past week or so



YHC shared a bit from what’s been working for the past 4 years:

1. EH. Never know who you’re gonna get out

2. Connect: get with guys to push you to post and Q push them to do likewise.

3. Get real: shield lock/8 block.

YHC took us out.



Coach K – Good to catch up in between stations!

Lite Brite – Thanks for keeping LG an awesome AO to kick off Mondays with a bang!

Daisy, Ozone – Stellar push out there!  Had us looking over our shoulder!

All – Way to show up on a freezing cold, wet Monday!


Thanks for the push this morning and for the past 4 years!