QIC: Wicked

Pax (15): TPS, Airball, Long Duck, Matlock, Xerox, JR, Sticky, Baby Bop, Jitterbug, TRD, Good Hands, Bobby Knight, Picasso, Spackler (Site Q) and Wicked.

15 brave souls ventured into the gloom to get the week off to a great starts, below is a retelling of what you missed!

Welcome to F3 where we gather in the gloom as brothers with a common bond, to get fit, live in fellowship and build up our community via the invigoration of male leadership… Aye.

Waramaramma: Mosey around the parking lot to the vacant lot for some looooooosing up work…

  1. SSH X 10 IC
  2. Sun Gods X 10 IC forward and reverse
  3. Air Claps X 10  IC palms down and palms up
  4. Chinooks X 10 IC forward and reverse
  5. Mini Morocan Night Clubs X 10 IC
  6. Hug Thyself X 10 IC
  7. Toe Hops X 10 IC
  8. Deep Squat to Plank for 10 Mountain Climbers IC

Mosey to the Thang: At play ground, two man teams

  1. Partner A does 5 pull-ups followed by a bear crawl to the cones to replace partner B
  2. Partner B does Balls 2 Walls until partner A calls his name after reaching the cones
  3. Rinse and repeat for 6 rounds

Utah – all Pax on the wall for Wall Sit : time TBD approximately two minutes…

Mosey to the wall at the school for teamwork to get 3 Pax per team over the wall: This was nixed by all Pax, for the record, I still think this was a great idea, Omaha to the wall parking lot side for:

  1. Balls 2 Walls and then on to Mary:


  1. Table Plank, loads of chatter
  2. SSH X 80 IC, less chatter
  3. Heel Touches X 50 IC
  4. Knee Touches X 20 IC
  5. Curbpees X10 4 rounds



  1. Jabowalkwee May 1st – see Slummy for details

So much fun gents, next time let’s give the wall a shot – Aye Wicked