Saturday February 20, 2021


27˚ Sunny


4 more years!

4 years ago on February 20, 2017, this unsuspecting man posted at Latham Grinder alongside longtime friend, FlavaFlav, as FNGs.  Much has happened after 4 years, but one thing is true, I wasn’t left behind, and I am not where I was 4 years ago.  With these thoughts in mind, I jotted down the plans and got a typically restless night before Q’ing sleep.


Arrived for an early EC 2.23 #IRunWithMaud mosey with 3for1.  Back to my car and down to the track, noticing icy sidewalks on the way.  Deposited station exercise sheets across track and bleachers.  Back to the shovel flag and grabbed Backdraft and Bruce Lee for a quick EC mosey meeting Shallow Hal, Mall Cop, and 3for1 on their way back.  Got back to the shovel flag just in time for:



3for1, Akron, Bruce Lee, Backdraft, Square, Earhart, City Slicker (Respect, Happy Birthday), Shallow Hal, Saban, Drysdale (Respect), Boy Wonder, Guiding Light, Mall cop,  Root, Sacked (Respect), John Cocostan, Sparta, Double Pump, Paula Dean, Settlement, Scratch (Respect), Nomex-QIC


Mission of F3 stated, sometimes still miss a word or two after 4 years, but the point was accurately conveyed!

No FNGs.  Warned the Pax of icy conditions.  Then we began a mosey of varied speeds to the parking lot near Lincoln for:


The Warm-A-Rama
14 ssh IC
14 sun gods IC Hold
14 sun gods IC reverse
14 windmills IC
14 string rippers IC
14 goofballs IC

Warmed up, we moseyed to the track for:


The Thang – Credo grinder

12 stations (3X4)


2 man teams.  One does exercise while other either runs the stairs or 100m track and back.  Then swap. Then sprint to next station. Goal is do as many stations as many times as possible.


Big Bleachers go down and come back up for each station
1. Squats
2. Irkins
3. Dips
4. Power lunge (leg on bleacher)


1. Bear crawl TOGETHER to track station 2
2. Freddy Mercury’s


Small bleachers go down and come back up for each station
1. Derkins
2. Alternating shoulder touches
3. Carolina dry docks
4. Merkins


3. Crab walk TOGETHER to track station 4
4. Burpees


It’s never a good sign when there is more than one question when the Thang is being explained and there were several, but the 2 man teams really got at it!  Great to see guys working together pushing through this grinder.  Seeing time was almost up and almost every team did all 12 stations, Omaha was called for a final mosey to the shovel flag for:

Given that Bobby Knight was missing we kept it short with:

14 American Hammers




Run for 2:23 Foundation 9am next Saturday, 2/27 at Dudley.  Signup at https://events.elitefeats.com/223run
Cleanup tomorrow at 1pm, meet at Wakanda shovel flag.
Glean greenway today at 9, meet at Safety Town.  Radiator if you have questions.

F3 Talks – Boy Wonder.  Don’t know whether to put this in announcement or share.  I wish I had recorded Boy Wonders words.  Basically F3 Talks is for black men too.  Can be a place of catharsis/therapy and a unique opportunity to speak with white men who want to listen.  Still time to sign up!  Let Boy Wonder or YHC know if you’d like to.


Mall Cop: Beautiful day and so great to see everyone around the track and bleachers putting in work!

Sparta: Thanks for the push.  Dropped to lowest weight in a couple decades!

Shallow Hal: Nomex EH’d Square, Square EH’d e’rybody, Square and Akron EH’d Shallow Hal for years before he posted the first time, and now he’s Q’ing!  Never give up on a guy you’ve been trying to get out!

City Slicker: Never give up!  (I should have recorded this speech on his birthday. Amazing!  The thing that stuck with me was CS saying he was told in middle school he wouldn’t see 20, had a lot of adversity in his life, and here he is celebrating 52 years on this earth and pushing the young guys who post!).

I had prepared a closing, but Boy Wonder, City Slicker, Mall Cop, Sparta, and Shallow Hal’s shares covered everything I wanted to say and so much more.  I appreciate your leadership men!




Read the closing, lots of my thoughts there.

Scratch – I love how you’re out there to walk with guys on the IR and then go do another workout right after!!

Square – way to get after it!  Thanks for not letting me become a permanent fart sack.

3for1, Mall Cop, Bruce Lee, Shallow Hal, Backdraft – good running with y’all!

Sacked and Drysdale, great seeing y’all out there.

Double Pump – Your commitment to the blue mit.  Respect!

John Cocostan – You don’t quit.  Love your hustle.

Root – Great push.  I saw ya putting in work!


Thanks for 4 years F3 Greensboro and F3 Nation!  Here’s to many more!