AO Nordic Tract

Weather Dry and cold (28 at launch) but very bright nowadays

PAX; TPS, Misfire, Spurrier, Stick Shift, Slumlord and Candy Crush, JR, Hoosier, Situation, Byrider (Q)


I pondered what would be a fitting celebration of 3 years F3. I came up with elaborate plans, complicated exercises……Nothing seemed right. So I went with simple but effective.

It went down something like this

TPS, Hoosier and Stick shift were early and we walked while Sticky laid out a sure fire plan to get rich (apparently Harvard can’t even come up with this stuff)

Once the rest of the PAX started rolling in including JR and his well heated jeep that may need a hood logo.


Short mosey to the lot  near the Lacrosse field.

SSH, Strick rippers, Sun gods, chinooks and hug your self.

We learned that YHCs sweat pants are not fashionable and JR is popular in many workout groups.

Thang 1 

We started at the bottom of the hill near the baseball field and bear crawled to the top doing one merkin at every parking lot line……56 total (Thanks TPS for post workout counting). It was surprising how much the mumble chatter fell off.

Thang 2

Utilize the stairs over between schools to run the circuit and complete the following after each lap;

20 Merkins x2…..50 Squats….50 humpers….50 dying cockroach…50 shoulder taps….50 big boys


Thang 3 Wall work

TPS led us in 25 Aussie mountain climbers in cadence, dirty hookups made and appearance and some wall sits for recovery.

We moseyed the long way to the track (someone accused this well prepared Q of just winging it). 20 merkins of your choosing and then a lap……Omaha was called after just 1.5 laps.


Homer and Marge/Low dolley combo (not the same without Pitino). Xs and Os courtesy of JR, Outlaws led by Misfire, Heel touches from TPS.


Jaberwocky is upcoming (8 miles with two Murphs) conflicting dates were shared, reach out to Slummy


YHC shared some thoughts about F3s impact on me, how grateful I am for my brothers. TPS shared a special shoutout to ORP groundhog day workouts in early spring last year.

YHC took us out