Always good to have a solid veteran Q step up to lead your new AO workout.

YHC slept in a few weeks ago, and saw Hazmat at his home site the Nightmare.  I am in sales, so you don’t ask you don’t get the sale.

HazMat hit me up on the Twitter, I can do 2-16!

Surprisingly cool for a 50degree day, weather was dropping and the wind was brisk.  5:45 pm came, quick announcements and off we go.  14 Pax at the Plate.

PAX: Expired, Stryker, Mudflap, Windmill, Mr Hand, Hush Money, Sid the Kid, Steel Curtain, Apollo, Water Boy, Phanatic, Plisskin, Schnitzel, and HazMat on the Q.

Veteran Q’s are a little hard to rattle, they do seem annoyed when the PAX treats the warm -a-rama like 2nd F,,,,,,

20 SSH (IC)
20 Sungods front/back (IC)
15 Mountain Climbers (IC)
20 String Rippers (IC)
10 windmills (IC)
Run to side parking lot – Ring of Fire with merkins to 60 seconds.
OK, you either love the Ring or you do not.  At least Roxanne was not brought out, nor was AC/DC blasting.  Mr Hand had trouble counting I believe his forte is History.
Thang: Ran to track, divided up into 2 groups.
Station work, one exercise, 15 each, rotate as a group to the next station. Goal 8 laps on the track.   This was a big ask for the PAX, almost 2 miles of running which is great, as rumor has it, next Tuesday 2-23 will be a 2.23 mile run to #FINISHTOREMEMBER Ahmaud Arberry.
Station 1
Low slow flutters
Toy Soldiers
Low dollies
Wojo Squats
Elbows to knees
OK, a little mumble chatter.  Biggest emerging environmental challenge?
Perfluorooctane Sulfonate
PFOS refers to Perfluorooctane Sulfonate and PFOA stands for Perfluorooctanoic Acid. They are water and stain-resistant synthetic compounds that are difficult to break down in the environment and in the human body.  
Tclaps to Waterboy- 7 years old and running like the Sugar ray he is.
Tclaps to Phanatic- calling cadence like a pro, encouraging the PAX, and leading by example to the other 2.0’s
Tclaps to Sid the Kid and Steal Curtain- no quit
Tclaps to Schnitzel, despite his swim in the AM, actually put in decent effort.
Station 2
Carolina Dry docks
Monkey Humpers
Heel Touches
Alternating Shoulder Taps
Bobby Hurleys
Hand Release Merkins
Box Cutters
Pickle Pushers
10 American Hammers
Thank you HazMat for leading all got better, and for taking us out.  Windmill is the Q next week.