February 17, 2021 – 25 Degrees 

This was YHCs first Q without a Winky!

YHC gave warning that the night before there were a few PBRs and a deep dive into the F3 Exicon. What follows is a direct result of that combination.

25 HIM, give or take, showed up to do the hard thing this morning. A few splinter runners and ruckers.

All arrived on time. Crowd dispersed. Workout began.




Mosey around large island at the parking area.

High Knees 20 IC

Toy Soldiers 20 IC

Stream Rippers – 10 IC

Indian Run to FRONT church parking lot.

Sun Gods Forward 10 IC

Sun Gods Backwards 10 IC

Chinooks Forward… 10 IC

Chinooks Backward 10 IC

Hug Thy Selves

Pax lined up in the Plank head to toe position.
Bear Crawl Indian Style from back to front. Fanny led one solid round.

Thang 1 – Killer B’s  – Side Parking lot of the Church

PAX bear crawl roughly 100 feet to little yellow cones
Broad Jump back to start
Every 5 Broad Jumps PAX perform 3 Burpees
Three rounds were completed.

Thang 2 – Spartan (Modified ) – Side Parking Lot of the Church

YHC Q started feeling a little Queasy

PAX lined up and Sprinted around 30 yards to little yellow cones
PAX performed 10 Merkins at the cones
All walk back together to the start
Pax continued 10 rounds. That equals 10 sprints, 100 Merkins.
Q feeling MOORE Queasy. Matlock advised that he had never seen the Q blow Merlot. This could be a first.

Q planned on walking back to shovel flag but Fanny unknowingly led the PAX back in a slow mosey.

MARY – Shovel Flag – Runners & Ruckers started to trickle back in

Q instructed PAX to lead one exercise in Mary and choose another PAX at random to lead the next workout.

Fanny – Freddie Mercurys – 20 IC
Matlock – Nolen Ryans – 10 IC each side
Snowflake – Low Slow Flutters
Sacked – Cindy Crawfords – 10 each side IC
Bulldog – American Hammer – 20 IC

Forgive YHC if 1 or 2 were missed.


Bulldog, Landfill, CJ, Birds Nest, Snooky, Longtime, Lazy Boy, Snowflake, Sacked, Hazmat, Matlock, Rachel Ray, Everest, Norwood, Spike, Huffy, Scooby Doo, Butt Fumble, Tommy Buy, Gecko, Fanny, Nails, Gilligan, WoJo, Guiding Light, Nomex, JR and Buck.


Bulldog on the Q at Sweat Angel – Thursday, Feb 18
Tommy Boy – Volunteer Opportunity  – Greenhouse Resurrection – Details on Twitter

COT – YHC allowed some silence to happen here and encouraged the PAX to take this time to share anything that may be on there chest.

Snooky shared that his Father was not doing well and could use some thoughts and prayers. Thanks for being vulnerable Snook!

Hazmat shared that his mother recently took a fall and is in pretty bad shape. Thoughts and prayers requested for her as well.

Matlock took us out with no hesitation. Thank you Matlock.