Good morning,

I had the honor to lead Death Star 2/17/21.
roll call- Canary, Centerfold, Airball, Pity the Fool, TPS, Red Dragon, Jiggawat, Hoosier, Wicked, Foot Fairy, Jitterbug, Magic, Baby Bop, Aquaman, YHC Stickshift.

I did the disclaimer , and what a shocker! AB had something to say ! Unphased I charged through warmarama….

pryamid stretch- both legs 30 seconds

slow windmill- 10 IC

myrtle beach string rippers – 10 IC , Shocker alert AB said the myrtle form was pointless ! And then said Cindy Crawford s are useless!

Sun Gods – front and back 10IC


we walked 20 yards to the big parking lot


station 1 – 3 burpees 3 mike tysons

to get to station 2 we Indian squat ran ( it’s long ) each pax member lined up in plank and last man sprinted to front of line until we reached far end of parking lot

station 2 – 3 burpees 3 mike tysons 5 jump squats 5 lunges each leg

Short mosey to station 3

station 3- 3 burpees 3 mike Tyson 5 jump squats 5 lunges each leg , 10 hill billies IC , 10 crunchy frogs

To get to station 4 Indian plank run

station 4 – SHOCKER ALERT Jitterbug thought my frog ups where WW2 , and let me know Id been doing them wrong! Bless his heart!

3 burpees 3 mike tysons 5 jump squats 5 lunges 10 hillbillies 10 crunchy frogs , 5 frog ups 10 dying cockroach 15 heel touches

we then did the long lap we just did in an Indian run and moseyed back to flag…


It was a no brainer for me 1st exercise AB leads Cindy Crawford – This guy had us do 50 on each side! Savage!!

Wicked did 20 hip dips IC

American Hammer 10 IC

Dont worry Slummy we announced the May 1st Jabberwalkie …..

Wicked took us out ….. He brought up a great point how many guys get to hang out with their friends everyday ? We do!! And we are blessed to have that as an option!

“Crush your Day!” Says RD