AO – Fenceline

Q – Bobby Knight

PAX – Stickshift (EC), Paula Dean, Fannie, Fanny Pack, Baby Bop, Slumlord, Huggies, Phoenix, Eye Roll, Bruce Lee, Nomex, Butt Fumble (Rucker), Long Time (Rucker), Pity the Fool (Rucker), Double Check (Rucker), Steely Dan, Jitterbug, Gilligan, (Rucker), Scooby (Rucker).

It was a warm February morning when YHC arrived on the scene to find Stickshift practicing pull-ups. I left him to his work while I readied the festival grounds. After establishing with Paula Dean who was actually set to Q, we returned to the shovel flag to welcome the PAX.  20 HIMs rolled up to the Fenceline to celebrate the patron saint of pain. The credo and mission were stated, and 6 men immediately set off into the darkness with their sacks on their backs. The remaining 16 moseyed around to the basketball court for a little warm-o-rama.


SSH, Hillbillies, Sungods, Abe Vigodas, String Rippers, Merkins

Mosey to the courtyard.


We divided into 3 groups to play a very modified game of BANDO, a traditional Welsh game similar to hockey. This game was nothing like hockey.

Each team executed an exercise (AMRAP) while one member of the team ran a lap. At which point the team shifted to the next exercise while another man set to running, and so on.

Burpees, Australian Snow Angels, Never Cross Dolly, Dips, Overhead Claps

Big Boy Situps, Al Gore, Nolan Ryan, Dying Cockroach, Outlaws

Once teams have completed both rounds, teams ran together to the basketball court and attempted to be the first team to make a basket. Al Gore for the 6.

*This is where is got wonky – the PAX moved through BANDO much faster than anticipated. So…


Each team sent a representative to the charity strip to attempt a free throw. Make it and the other teams do 10 burpess. Miss and your team does 10. Many bricks were thrown. Many burpees were done.



Each man suggested and led an exercise. Some sucked, and some less so. We all got better.


YHC closed in prayer.