Date: 2/6/2021

Workout: Cougar Town

Location: Kernodle Middle School

Pax: Bodett, Jigawatt, Love Seat, Patch (CoQ), Ozone, Hall Pass (CoQ), Norwood

Background and Setup

A while back in September YHC got an idea to create a circuit of exercises including makeshift hurdles.  After the workout, Hall Pass mentioned that we should team up and do it again; kind of like an obstacle course.  Enough said.

Much like that day in December, this ended up being a shotgun setup.  Literally, no work was done on this workout 24 hours prior to the workout.

Materials were purchased at 2:40 PM the day before.  Much of the assembly for the wall got put together at my garage; glue it, and screw it. 9 pieces disassembled with a bunch of bolts and fasteners. Fit nicely between the wheel-well of the truck (Base on the racks above).

We met up at the AO at 6 pm the previous night to setup the wall, the hurdles (stakes and ropes), and well you know, make a plan (LOL).  It’s dark here at 6 pm so everything was done in the dark.  After setting up what we can, we had a short list of items to bring in the morning gloom including: sidewalk caulk, weinkes, pool noodles, cones, and cinderblocks.

There were likely no stores open in the AM for us to pick up the sidewalk caulk so Hall Pass raced over to the local Wal-Mart to pickup the caulk before 11 PM.  YHC couldn’t find his keys to his truck…Were they lost in the leaves somewhere along the course? Were they in one of the six tool cases? Were they in the bags the bolts were in? First check was the usual place, the center console.  Nope.  All the tool cases. Nope.  Around the exterior of the truck. Nope.  I grabbed my magnet wand and started sweeping the area around where we were working on the wall (leaves everywhere).  After thinking about it, the last place they could be (that I could coherently recall) would be my tool belt. With Hall Pass on the phone, I found them; in the tool belt behind my seat.  I never put them there.

In the morning we setup the weinkes, pool noodles, cones, and went to town with the sidewalk caulk.  Worked out great!

Fairly cold out this morning; mid 20s. Fair amount of frost on the ground.

The Mission of F3 is to plant, grow, and serve small workout groups, for men, for the invigoration of male community leadership.


15 – String Rippers IC (Patch)

10 – Windmills IC (Hall Pass)

20 – Sun Gods (Patch)

Runners Lunge (Hall Pass)

Downward Dog (Patch) – Count to 25 going around the circle.  Every number was hit…in perfect sequence. Unprecedented. Drop those heels, stretch it out.

25 – Merkins (Hall Pass)

Mosey’d over to the start of the Thang by road.

The Thang – Obstacle Course

Take a piece of caulk and write your F3 name on the pavement.  Anywhere is fine.

Hall Pass gave us a brief instruction on what we’re doing.  After that we started off together for a lap around the course.

1) Hurdles/Ropes – Under Over Under (the high ropes you go over, the low ropes you go under [throughout])

2) Mosey up the Hill

3) Go up and over the large boulder

4) 10 Irkins on the park benches

5) Baseball 5s, at each baseball painted on the ground conduct 5 of each of the exercises.

  1. Burpees
  2. Turkish Getups
  3. Jump Squats
  4. Dying Cockroachs (IC)
  5. Side Straddle Hops (IC)

6) Modify section for any of the Baseball 5s was there.  Conduct Thrusters with cinderblocks.

7) Crosswalk Broad Jumps – Every other large square on the crosswalk was filled in with caulk; you must broad jump over the large square.

8) Lateral Plank Walk – At the shelter, the picnic tables were setup in an L shape.  Put your feet up on the bench and walk to your left across 6 picnic tables.  Some motivational messages written in caulk below you as you go; haha. Don’t forget to watch your feet!

9) Bear Crawl – Across the parking lot.

10) Apollo Osey – It’s Apollo Ohno’s (speed skaters) moving forward.  There were caulk rings setup so you have to somewhat leap from circle to circle moving forward.

11) Sprint – Caulk line to caulk line.

12) Hurdles/Ropes – Under Under Under

13) The Wall – Seven-foot wall you can climb over or crawl under.  Crawling under has its challenges; the location was loaded with loose rocks and acorns.  Over was definitely the way to go. There were two holds on either side of the wall with a good grip at the top and a bottom 2×4 ledge at the bottom to get started.

14) Hurdles/Ropes – Over Under Over

15) Finish – Record your lap on the pavement. Rinse and repeat.

Each of us paired up and each group got 3 laps in after our first lap together.


We skipped out on the Mary exercises.  We had some videography to do with Norwood that derailed our schedule.  We’re all anxious to see how it comes out!



YHC is going to Maine for a month.  Going up for work and to see family.

Good to meet you Love Seat.  Need to get you on the roster…and possibly get your name changed.  Can’t have two Love Seats!

Bodett, always killin’ those bear crawls.  Glad you enjoyed the course as well.

Jigawatt and Ozone, Cougar Town regulars.  Thanks for your continued dedication. We’ll have to get together outside the AO sometime.

Hall Pass thanks for planting the idea, all the support with the setup, and execution.

Norwood, yes Cougar Town starts at 6:30! Glad you made it and got to join us. Keep yourself alive! Keep yourself alive! You’ll spend all your time and money trying to keep me satisfied.

Each time we do this, we get just a little bit better. Enough said.

  • Patch