PAX: Mudflap, Tiger, Nails, Stryker, Windmill, Flat Rate, Apollo, Waterboy, MacGyver, Poehler, Schnitzel, Hush Money, Steel Curtain (FNG – Thomas Marasco), Phanatic, Tommy Boy, Expired, Cloud Striker, Cliffhanger, Humphrey Bogart, Eggplant, QIC – Sacked

21 PAX including YHC showed up on a nice 45 degree evening to take in a Closing Time beatdown. With a special welcome to FNG Thomas (Hush Money’s 2.0) now known as Steel Curtain and brief intro remarks to the assembled PAX we headed out on a mosey down to the park entrance gate parking area and circled up.


  • SSH x 15ic
  • Self Hugs
  • Peter Parker x 15ic
  • Self Hugs
  • Lucky 7’s
  • Self Hugs
  • Imperial Walkers x 15ic
  • Self Hugs
  • String Rippers

With Warm-a completed we moseyed to the middle parking lot and circled up



The PAX counted off into groups of 4 each becoming a 4 – man Bobsled Team. Cone Stations were set up where each team had 3 cones in a line ( back to front) spaced about 10 feet apart. Each team started with one member at a Cone and then the 4th person would run to the end of that parking lot and back while the team members performed the exercise listed at their cone. Exercises were performed AMRAP. When the runner returned he would go to the back cone (cone #3) and then the other team members each moved forward a cone or became the runner. There were 5 exercises of the same muscle group at each cone.

  • Cone #1
    • Merkins
    • Shoulder Taps
    • Carolina Dry Docks
    • Werkins
    • Ranger Merkins
  • Cone #2
    • Homer – Marge
    • LSF
    • Cindy Crawford’s
    • Crunchy Frogs
    • Dying Cockroach
  • Cone #3
    • Squats
    • Monkey Humpers
    • Lt. Dan’s
    • Lunges
    • Al Gore

With Time Closing (think about it…) we circled up for Mary


  • Freddie Mercury’s x 15ic
  • Homer – Marge
  • American Hammer x 15ic


  1. TB – Stay tuned for more info to come on the F3 Trail Cleanup service project coming in 2 weeks
  2. Expired – come try out one of our newer afternoon workouts on Tuesday called Blue Plate Special. Its at Western Guilford Middle School and starts at 5;30 p.m.


  • A big Natville welcome to FNG – Steel Curtain who is Hush Money’s 2.0. He did a great job today and we are blessed to have him.
  • When I arrived early in the gloom to set up the workout area I noticed a guy jogging laps around the parking area where I was setting up. I couldn’t really catch a glimpse in the dark gloom, but about the 3rd lap I called out to him (like we all do) and side nice work would you like to join us for a boot camp workout tonight. As he ran closer he called out in return, “Hey Sacked, its me Renaissance”. It was awesome to see Renaissance and told him he is greatly missed. Hope to see him back in the gloom with the PAX in the near future.
  • Was hoping Expired would post and put the mumble chatter game on high alert. YHC was not disappointed.
  • Always good seeing Poehler in the gloom and catching up during the opening mosey
  • Flat Rate good to catch up prior to the workout start. You are looking fit as always.
  • Stryker came in hot to the Warm-a-rama and was welcomed with a dose of loving mumble chatter. Always great to see Stryker in the gloom.
  • Great seeing a lot of the future leaders (the younger dudes) at Closing Time. My count shows we had 6 – 2.0’s.
    • Phanatic is a stud and has already been Q’ing workouts. Seasoned Vet. Keep up the great work
    • Waterboy – Apollo has his work cut out trying to keep up. Fastest little dude in the PAX tonight and brings instant Joy to all who cross his path.
    • On my Bobsled Team: Cliffhanger, Cloud Striker, and Tiger. Awesome job guys.. well done. I would love to bottle that energy :). BTW Cliffhanger is ready to Q.
      • Humphrey Bogart – good working out with you on our Bobsled team. You got your hands full keeping up with Cliffhanger and Cloud Striker.
    • Steel Curtain – I know Hush Money was proud. Little Man crushed the Bobsled course on his first post. Well done.
  • TClaps to the Double Dippers
    • Tommy Boy – Hobble Gobble + Closing Time
    • Nails – The Murph + Closing Time
  • Appreciate Schnitzel making it out at the end and for the 2ndF. BTW – the second F at the Shelter is an A+ fellowship. Loved it
  • Speaking of the 2ndF at the Shelter we had Greensboro’s finest show up just as we were grabbing our refreshments and walking to the shelter. YHC walked towards the patrol car to welcome the officer, but prior to arrival Eggplant already was welcoming him and putting on a full court EH. Well done Eggplant. The officer could not have been nicer and was interested in details and where and how to post.
  • Windmill announced that the Dutch Bobsled Team took first place….cannot be confirmed 🙂
  • Mudflap flat out crushing the bobsled course. Getting stronger each time I see him in the gloom.
  • Took me the entire workout to realize our good friend MacGyver was at the workout. Q Fail. All covered up I didn’t know who that Pax member was. Great to see  you MacGyver

COT – Tommy Boy delivered inspiration and challenge and YHC closed us out in prayer.

Was an honor, Aye, Sacked