28 PAX consisting of 22 Boot Camp, 5 Splinter, and 1 Pooch Walker took their DRP at Cornwallis Nightmare this morning. We are thrilled to welcome FNG’s Bart (Carl Hieb) and Berbatov (Richard Weil who is Damage Control’s 2.0).


PAX: Aurora, Damage Control, Michelin Man, Brexit, Picasso, Fannie and his 4 legged pal Nugget, Gilligan, Schnitzel, Xerox, Drizzle, Bones, Tommy Boy, Wojo, Expired, On Time, Mud Flap, Sir Isaac, Snookie, Snowflake, Ozone, Windmill, Muggsy, Bart (FNG), Cross Check, Hazmat, Berbatov, Show Time, and Sacked – QIC.

With the welcome to our new guys and the full group and opening comments dispensed we moseyed down to the main parking lot.


  • PAX lined up one one side curb
    • Jog to the other side and jog back
    • Skip to the other side and jog back
  • Mosey to middle parking lot and circle up
    • Sun Gods x 10ic both directions
    • String Ripper x 15ic
    • Imperial Walkers x 15ic
  • Mosey to end of parking lot and circle up
    • Hillbillies x 15ic
    • Peter Parkers x 15ic
    • Merkins x 10 single count


Mosey from the parking lot down to the lower hill in the park and circle up. PAX counted in groups of 4 and set out on a 4 man grinder with 3 stations. Station 1 was the gravel open area, Station 2 was the small shelter by the lake, and Station 3 was the larger shelter near the lake at the top of the hill. Each Station had 3 exercises listed. he PAX had the option to do as many reps of any of the exercises as they wanted until their partner arrived to release them to the next station.

  • Station 1
    • Merkins
    • LSF
    • Lunges
  • Station 2
    • Carolina Dry Docks
    • Cindy Crawford’s
    • Monkey Humpers
  • Station 3
    • Dips
    • Homer/Marge
    • Squats

With time running out we called Omaha and circled up at the bottom of the hill near the large shelter. Here is where we started a traveling 6MOM


  • LBC’s x 15ic

Moseyed to the upper parking lot

  • Howling Monkeys x 5 each Pax member

Moseyed to middle parking lot

  • Box Cutters x 15ic

Moseyed to the Shovel Flag

  • American Hammers x 1ic


  1. Blood Drive at Omega Sports today. All slots filled.
  2. Picasso announced that on Monday at Jamestown AO Aurora has his VQ. Come on out and support Aurora.
  3. Coffeteria as always after at Super Starbucks


  • Big Welcome to FNG’s Bart (as in Bart Conner) and Berbatov (Bulgarian Soccer star). Excited for Damage Control to have his 2.0 Berbatov out in the gloom this morning.
  • TClaps to Cross Check for EHing both of our new FNG’s. Well done CC.
  • Good call Gilligan having Bart show us his back flip. He nailed and was awarded a 10 from the PAX
  • TClaps to Phoenix who was finishing up a solo ruck early this morning and then heading over to cook for all who gave blood today at Omega. We appreciate you Phoenix!
  • Thanks to Schnitzel for foregoing the Splinter to hang with the Boot Campers this morning. Man needs a beat down every now and then ūüôā
  • TClaps to the Splinter group of Wojo, TB, Drizzle, Gilligan, and On Time for putting in the miles this morning.
  • Great to have Expired make it back home to CN this morning. With he and Snookie in close proximity during the Warm-A there was not shortage of mumble chatter.
  • Cross Check was in the lead at all times on the grinder station runs. Young man is a beast. Well done.
  • Appreciate Snwoflake reminding YHC to appreciate the views of the lake and park while working out. Sometimes take it for granted. We are blessed to have this AO.
  • Great effort from all the PAX this morning. Well done. Was a good workout and good fellowship.

COT РFannie took us out in Prayer. Thank you Fannie and great to see  you and Nugget in the gloom


As always it was an honor to lead a great group of men this morning. Aye, Sacked