Date: 1/8/2021

Workout: Lunatic Fringe

Location: Jesse Wharton Elementary

Pax: Black Swan, Hall Pass, La-Z-Boy, JR, Pianoman, Wicked (Respect), Aquaman (Respect), Steely Dan, Guiding Light, Airball, Centerfold, Canary, Patch (Q)

Weather will likely contain snow later today, but this morning we were a little above freezing.  Rain came through overnight and it was a little damp but not bad.

The Mission of F3 is to plant, grow, and serve small workout groups, for men, for the invigoration of male community leadership.  There will likely be some need to modify the exercises in the main thang.  You do you.


20 – Hillbilly Squats IC

20 – Stagger Merkins

20 – Windmills IC

20 – Plank Jacks IC

20 – Flock of Seagulls IC

20 – Sun Gods (Active Sobriety Style) IC

20 – Chinooks IC

The counts were higher than normal on these exercises.  Made for a good warmup.  My first time leading stagger merkins, seemed to go well this morning.  FoS, Sun Gods, and Chinooks all strung together were fairly difficult.

Some of the pax splintered off for broga after the warmarama.

The Thang

There are two lists of exercises one is ‘Maine’ and the other ‘North Carolina’.  Grab a partner and you’ll both work to complete the ‘Maine’ exercises together as the partner does the ‘North Carolina’ exercises.

You and your partner decide when to switch.

Setting this up, I thought people would get gased working on the Maine exercises and it’d drive the rotation.  It was actually quite even, we’d both get gased about the same time and then switched…which led us to essentially be gased the whole time, lol.

YHC was thinking of ways to modify down.  Do less reps before rotating (rotating gives space for breather).  Move the states further apart (sloth mosey breather).  Everyone remained fairly consistent and just slogged through the exercises.

Maine Exercises North Carolina Exercises
100 Merkins BTTW
200 Wojo Squats Wall Sit
250 LBCs (SC) Plank
150 Bonnie Blairs (SC) BTTW
200 Mt Climbers (SC) Wall Sit
150 WWIs Plank
50 Burpees Australian Mt. Climbers

Nobody got to the Burpees as I recall.  We called Omaha in the middle/start of WWIs.

In hindsight, matching up legs with legs and arms with arms between the states wasn’t the greatest idea.  The result however was a great beatdown, which led to some good communication, and adaptation; teamwork.


Hall Pass and YHC were discussing which exercise to do and a number.  Hall Pass recommended LSF.  Go ahead and take us up to a slightly uncomfortable number.  Annnnd Wicked took it over, haha.  “Do not hesitate” he says, haha.  He’s not wrong.

30 – Low Slow Flutter Kicks IC (Wicked)

And the last exercise is, the American Hammer.

10 – American Hammers IC (Wicked)


Wicked has the Rainbow Dash on Saturday.  6:30 EC at Mendenhall Middle School.

Nordikanda in the AM starts at Northwest at 5:30. Run between Nordic Tract to Wakanda.

JR took us out strong.

Coffeeteria for our group was at Panera on Lawndale.

I’m honored to be able to lead this group.  I’m grateful for the opportunities it provides.  I’m blessed to be able to serve.