December 31, 2020

50 degrees, overcast.

AO: Closing Time (Special NYE launch time 5:01pm)

PAX: Mudflap-Respect, Creekside, Patch, Fletch-Respect, Ponch-Respect, Mile High, SOcrates, Expired-Respect, Schnitzel-Respect, Fanatic, Apollo, Waterboy, Hey Guy, Hooker, Viagra-Respect, Cheddar, Stormtrooper, Stryker, Out of Service (former FNG), and Eggplant (QIC)

A salty group of would be New Years revelers opted to get in one last 2020 beatdown.  YHC did not expect much of a turnout, and was humbled as the cars started rolling in and we had a PAX of 20 (21 if you count the fact that Bruce Lee was observed running by–what are the qualifications for counting a splinter?).  Promptly at 5:01, the mission statement and disclaimer were delivered followed by a short mosey to:


Side-Straddle Hops 20IC, Sun Gods 15IC, Chinooks 15IC, Reverse Sun Gods 15IC, Abe Vigodas 15IC, String Ripper 15IC.

The PAX were warm and the mumble chatter was lively so we took another short mosey to:


10 stations were arranged so that the PAX could practice their midnight countdown F3 style.  YHC had expected 4-5 PAX, so we broke into separate groups to work through the countdown socially distanced.  The result was that some PAX did not start their countdown at 10, but sometimes you sacrifice imagery for safety.

10 – 10 Burpees

High Knees to:

9 – 9 Star Jumps

Carioca to:

8 – 8 Lunges (each leg)

Carioca (opposite direction) to:

7 – 7 Merkin, 7 Werkin, 7 Diamond Merkin

Run backwards to:

6 – 6 Apolo Ohno’s (6 each leg)

Lunge Walk to:

5 –  5 Foxholes

Bear Crawl to:

4 – 4(x4) Carolina Drydocks

LT Dans to:

3 – 3(dozen) LBCs

Broad Jump to:

2 – 2(dozen) Monkey Humpers

Lunge walk to:

1 – 1 minute Plank

Sprint back to #10 to rinse and repeat because 2020 won’t end….

After a few rounds of the countdown, we began the mosey back towards the shovel flag with some wind sprints mixed in.  Once back to the flag:


Started with some stretches then: Flutter Kicks 15IC, Freddy Mercuries (Foghat Style) 15IC, LBCs 15IC and finally American Hammer 20IC.


Great to have an FNG post.  Welcome to Out of Service!

And of course, Closing Time hosted Natville’s best 2nd F, and the PAX shared their favorite post-workout beverages with their brothers to closeout 2020.

Great work men!  Humbled to lead.