Date: 12/31/2020

Workout: Sweat Angel

Location: Jaycee Park

Pax: Crockett (Respect), Radiator (Respect), Jitterbug (Respect), City Slicker (Respect), Patch (Q)

Weather turned out great for the workout this morning.  With no running allowed at this AO, YHC was concerned we’d have trouble warming up if it were cold and raining.  We were blessed with some excellent dry (but humid) weather.

Introduction was given.  Mission statement stated.  Modify as necessary, there may be some new movement in this workout for you.


20 – SSH IC

20 – Imperial Walkers IC

15 – Speed Skaters

Runners Stretch/Lunge

Downward Dog

Upward Dog

15 – Speed Skaters

20 – Merkins

20 – Sun Gods (Active Sobriety Style) IC

Was interested to see if our Speed Skaters improved after the stretching.  Personally, I felt better and less cautious the second time after the stretching.  We did the Merkins in Cadence to 10 (which is 20).

The Thang

Having compiled over 1,200 backblasts into a single dataset, I am able to filter on just Sweat Angel Q’s for the past ~2.5 years.  72 Sweat Angel backblasts to be exact.  Going through them I started pulling out exercises and examining different workout structures.  Came up with a ladder routine:

Conduct each exercise on the sheet at each of the sequential stations (positioned 3 parking spots apart).

Counts are indicated at the stations; 2,4,6,8,10 for a total of 30 reps per cycle.

In transit, there are different ways indicated to progress through to each station.

On the way back, you can decide how you’d like to return.

Exercises -> Transit

1) Thrusters -> Lunge Walk

2) Kettlebell Swing -> Cusack

3) Curls -> Bear Crawl

4) Merkins -> Broad Jump

5) Goblet Squats -> Lunge Walk

6) Clean and Press -> Cusack

7) Bent Row -> Bear Crawl

8) Durpees -> Broad Jump

[Durpees are double merkin burpees]

There was a star next to the exercises where you needed to bring weight with you to each of the stations.  Since we didn’t get to round 8, there was only one round, the merkins, where we didn’t need to bring weights with us.

Turned out to be a pretty serious exercise routine.  Probably the hardest was round 6, clean and press with Cusack since you never let go of the weights.  The easiest for YHC was the Kettlebell Swings.

We brought everyone together after each round.  Well done guys, well done.


20 – Flutter Kicks (Jitterbug)

16 – LBCs (City Slicker)

20 – Freddy Mercury’s (Radiator)

20 – Cindy Crawford (Crockett) [10 each side]

20 – American Hammers (Patch)


QSource after the workout at Panera Bread [NEW LOCATION!]  Q3.10 Consistency.  F3 Manual of Virtuous Leadership

Pray for City Slicker’s brother-in-law, F3 Caterpillar. Jerry Calhoon with stomach issues, in and out of the hospital.

Closing Time is at 5 PM tonight.

Bodett has a workout tomorrow at 7:30 AM at Jaycee Park for New Years Day and the F3 10 Year Anniversary.

City Slicker VQ at Wakanda Saturday! Little data for you, City Slicker has appeared in 33 backblasts since he started in June of this year (34 after today, this one you are reading). He’s appeared at 11 different AOs (12 after today).  While backblasts aren’t all completed, this does show City Slicker’s Commitment to F3.  He’s put in the work, should be a great workout on 1/2/2021.  Thank you!

YHC took us out.  2020 has been a tough year. While we can’t leave everything behind going into 2021, we can take a new perspective and be receiving of the hope and the joy that you place in us.  Please bless us and our families as we go about our day.