21 pax gathered on this brisk 30 degree morning to celebrate 2020, the most awesome year ever, as well as a challenging workout and camaraderie. The mosey was punctuated with chatter of the wonderful adventures shared the past 365 days such as frequent gatherings in packed stuffy banquet halls collectively bellowing triumphant hymns and shouting greetings to one another in as close proximity as possible.

Norwood was especially grateful to Butt Fumble, who shared a full throated praise of the workout with the pax. “Thank you for reaching deep into the Exicon to unearth forgotten but cherished exercises of yore!” he proclaimed. The pax nodded in agreement and acknowledged the delighted Q with brotherly points and winks.

The pax were also pleased at the abundance of burpees required. Several members of the group including Butt Fumble, Stretch, and Hall Pass returned to the AO after the workout to indulge in more and reports confirm that they are still there and plan to continue into the night.


Butt Fumble, Double Check, Drizzle, Huffy, Wojo, Scooby Doo, Jitterbug, Snowflake, Bruce Lee, Stretch, Humphrey Bogart, Cliff Hanger, Boy Wonder, Socrates, Hack Saw, Birds Nest, City Slicker, Akron, Hall Pass, Demo, Norwood (Q)


20 Side Straddle Hops

10 Sun Gods

10 Chinooks

20 Imperial Walkers

20 Mountain Climbers

20 Pushups



1) “Keep Yourself Alive” workout to the classic by Queen

Intro: Sun Gods

Verse 1: Crab cakes

Chorus: Freddy Mercurys

Music: High Knees

Verse 2: Merkins

Chorus: Freddy Mercurys

Drums: Play Drums

Guitar: Butt Kickers

Chorus: Freddy Mercurys


2) Star Workout
Pax divided into 4 corners parking lot perform assigned exercises, run to center, do 10 burpees and proceed to next corner.

25 WWII sit-ups
25 Merkins
Go to center, do 10 burpees

Why 2020 was awesome:
After 2020, everything will feel great, even burpees!

15 Lunges (each leg)
25 Imperial Walkers
Go to center, do 10 burpees

Why 2020 was awesome:
Banner year for fans of bitter sarcasm!

25 WWII sit-ups
25 Merkins
Go to center, do 10 burpees

Why 2020 was awesome:
Plane tickets cheapest ever because you didn’t buy any!

25 Squats
25 Monkey Humpers
Go to center, do 10 burpees

Why 2020 was awesome:
In 2020, an asteroid was headed toward Earth. It Missed!

20 low slow flutters, 20 box cutters, 20 American Hammers

• Go to Wakanda!
• Prayers for the pax who EH’d City Slicker known as Caterpillar who is dealing with health issues.
• F3 10 year anniversary New Years Day at Jaycee Park
• Look after each other as the virus continues to spread
• Reflect regarding reactions to violence and race. Is your reaction the same or different when a person is a victim of violence regardless of race and the situation? Join F3 Talks for a non judgmental forum on race related issues.

Thank you City Slicker for taking us out with a pertinent prayer.