December 29, 2020

5:30-6:15 am, Tuesday

Temperature:  32 degrees Fahrenheit, clear, full moon

Total distance of workout:  my Garmin showed 1.92 miles (accuracy questioned due to working out in sub terranian garage);Graffiti’s GPS said 2.2 miles (he did run more than me since he finished his exercises faster than everyone else and I called audible multiple times during the workout).

PAX(9 total):  Amphibious, Pacer-RESPECT, Nancy, Ricardo, Mahler, Mayhem, Graffiti-RESPECT, Bones, WKRP-RESPECT(QIC).  And I was able to use my new phone video correctly on first time using it!  Nice seeing Bones (in person) and Mayhem.

Mission of F3 and Disclaimer

Mosey to warm up legs, but several of the PAX already done 2-3 miles for EC.  Nice work!

Stop at Local Honey parking lot.  Warmarama:  SSH X30 IC, Sun Gods Forwards X12 IC, Backwards X12 IC, Mountain climbers X20 IC, String rippers X15 IC, Rocky Balboa X20 IC, Mike Tyson X10 IC.  After successfully warming up our muscles so as not to get injured, we moseyed to the white underground parking lot to keep us warm.

Thang:  Each letter of “Pre New Years Day” represented an exercise. Exercise done at one end of the parking lot.  Once finished run to the other end of the parking lot and back to do the next exercise.  Exercises included Plyo lunges, 50 SSH X 2 rounds, 15 Lt. Dan’s, 10 Crunchy frogs X 2 rounds, 20 calf raises, 15 merkins X 2 rounds, 20 jump squats, 20 LBC X 2 rounds, 10 burpees.  Throughout the workout I called an audible to keep the PAX together.  Everyone finished the workout together.  We moseyed back to the AO.

Mary:  side planks each side X10 IC, Jump tucks X30 IC (much mumblechatter), 20 American hammers X20 IC

Namarama and COT:  YHC took us out.  Thankful for F3 fellowship to get through the gloom together.