AO: The Blue Plate Special

When: 12/22/2020

PAX: Rabbit-R, Fletch-R, Windmill-R, Damage Control-R, Swank-R,  Pliskin, Imelda-R, Fanatic, Water Boy, Apollo, Hooker, Hey Guy, Expired-R, Eggplant-R

QIC: Eggplant

It was a perfect, brisk Winter evening.  Eggplant and Hooker arrived early and put in a 2.23mi EC run #irunwithmaud and got back just as the PAX started to roll in.  Water Boy and Fanatic did the honors and planted the Shovel Flag and Natville’s most Up Tempo AO was set to get under way at 5:46pm.  YHC welcomed the PAX, reviewed the mission statement, and gave the disclaimer.  Then it was off on a short mosey to the circle for:


Side Straddle Hops, Sun Gods, Chinooks, Reverse Sun Gods, Abe Vigodas and Copperhead Squats.

Sufficiently warm we moseyed to the bus lot for:

Thang 1

There were 6 stations following the journey of Buddy the Elf.  The PAX were divided into 2-3 man teams and assigned to each station.  The PAX at stations 1-5 performed an exercise, while station 6 ran around the parking lot and the teams rotated upon their return. The Stations:

The North Pole: Round 1 Imperial Walkers, Round 2 Hillbillies

The Candy Cane Forest:  Round 1 Squats, Round 2 Lunges

Sea of Swirly-Twirly Gum Drops: Round 1 Star Jumps, Round 2 Mountain Climbers

The Lincoln Tunnel: Round 1 LBCs, Round 2 Low-Slow Flutters.

The Mail Room: Round 1 Merkins, Round 2 Carolina Drydocks

Central Park: RUN, BUDDY, RUN!  Its the Central Park Rangers!

The PAX did two and half rounds with the third round being dealers-choice a the stations, then Omaha was called and we moseyed to:

Thang 2

The PAX split in two with group one doing Wall-Sits until relieved by group 2 doing Dips on the bleachers and switched. For second round, group one did Wall-Sits with an air press until relieved by group two doing Step-ups and switched.  Then we moseyed back to the Shovel Flag for:


Mary started with some stretching before we got in to some ab work with: Box-Cutters, Freddy Mercuries (Foghat Style), and The American Hammer.  Somewhere in there we took a break to admire Jupiter, but got right back to the work at hand.


  • Windmill has the Q next week at the Blue Plate and guarantees an Up Tempo workout.  The PAX were warned not to try and double-dip!
  • Fletch has the Q Monday at the Jamestown Beatdown
  • Closing Time is closed for business Christmas Eve, but is planning an adjusted start time beat down for New Year’s Eve at 5pm.


Damage Control took us out.

YHC was humbled to have the opportunity to lead these men.  Great work and Merry Christmas, brothers.