Local Honey December  9, 2020- The Mountain Jack

PAX: Akron!, Graffiti, Etch, Radiator, Ricardo, Mauler, City Slicker, Demo, Bobby Knight, FloJo, Drysdale, Houlihan, Jingles, Matlock (QIC)

14 pax gathered in downtown Natville for a visit from a Q from Southern Virginia.  This Q drove by 2 AOs at break-neck speed to arrive on time.  YHC noticed the PAX at Local Honey were much, much more attentive and respectful of the Q than the Natty’s Hump hellions.

WARMARMA:  Mosey around Commerce place, (damn, its chilly): 15 Copperhead Squats IC, 15 Imperial Walkers IC, 15 Hillbillies IC, 10 Hammy Scoops IC

Mosey to the Death Spiral for the THANG:            The Mountain Jack

Lunge walk (or Robot walk) up the Death Spiral to the first floor do 10 Mountain Climbers, run to the stairwell, do 10 Plank Jacks run back to the spiral then do 10 Merkins, plank for the 6.  Then we played “Whaydya Got!?!” (a homage to the Clash-The Magnificent Seven off the Sandinista! Album)-YHC called on a random pax to call out an exercise 10 IC.  Think that sounds easy? Well, continue the cycle up the spiral and repeat on every floor until the top.

At the top of the deck, it was time for something special:  The Rooster.   The pax plank in a large, socially distant circle.  Each pax does a Merkin then sprints around the circle back to a plank, then the next pax runs until the all the pax have run.

Mosey back down the spiral, plank for the 6, then we hung a sharp left down Greene Street, stopped for two more Whatdya Gots on the way back to the Flag for Mary

Mary:  Dying Cockroach 15 IC, Copperhead Protractor 15 IC, High Dolly 15 IC, LBCs 15 IC


-Local Honey started early at 5:30am today

-Shout out to the Green Bean for opening up for us, triple claps for downtown coffee

-Houlihan and Jingles look alike to a 51 year old Q with no glasses on.  #graysweats

-This was FloJo’s last workout and he’s never coming back…  LOL


Prayers for City Slicker’s friend Ivan has he starts a nutrition challenge to lower his BMI.

Prayers for Drysdale’s Aunt who came down with Covid and is a treatment facility.

We are collecting donations for the Moses Cone Caring Cart and card and notes of encouragement for the hospital staff.  Bring your cards to YHC or drop them by the Friday AOs on 12/18/2020.  For donations Venmo me at @Anthony-Donato-13.

It was an honor to lead you guys.

Aye, Matlock