First, always post your backblast, otherwise, it didn’t happen.

Second, due to the increased vigilance at F3 CougarTown, the valet service has been discontinued. Please park your own vehicle.

Third, make sure you have something to hold your weinkes, else they could blow away.
Fourth, as the Q, we are requested to have our phones in case of an emergency. At CougarTown please bring tissues because words hurt, ask Bobby Knight.

Now, on to the story…

YHC was asked awhile back to Q, and I was excited to begin celebrating Christmas with the PAX. I reminisced to 2016, when Udders graced us with his version of the 12 days of Christmas. Never too shy to borrow from a great workout, I decided to revive with some TPS flair.

YHC had originally planned to do the workout on the football field which had been spared from the TurkeyBowl and was still in pristine condition. However, when staging the workout before the EC ruck, I realized it would be a swampfest, and decided to err on the side of kind/dryness.
After the EC ruck with Red Dragon, we arrived back to the shovel flag area where Jiggawatt and Formage were doing merkins. Later learning their employer had contributed a nice donation to push-ups for playgrounds and they were honoring the pledge with their hard work.

The PAX continued to arrive, the disclaimer was shared, and the group of ten (10) were off into the gloom.  Nice easy mosey out the drive, up the hill, and to the softball parking lot for the warmorama. Exercises were done and then we moseyed back to the bus lot for the Thang.

Tribute to 12 Days of Christmas F3 Style

1 – Turk’n’burp

2 – Plank jacks (in cadence)

3 – merkins (in cadence)

4 – Wojo Squats

5 – Donkey kicks

6 – Lt. Dan’s

7 – Hip Dips (in cadence )

8 – Mike Tyson

9 – Rosalitas (in cadence)

10 – WW2 Merkins

11 – Wicked wipers

12 – SSH

The pax were well entertained. Well most of them. Not sure why, but AirBall was particularly prickly chastising Bobby Knight for his singing, and the Q for not including Monkey Humpers in the workout. I am going to ask SeeThru to share some of his vacation days and see if  it helps.

Once the F3 caroling was completed, we moseyed the long way around the school stopping for People’s chair and Aussie Mtn  Climbers later modifying to PC and Aussie Plank Jacks (feels like you are holding up the world).

Finished the workout with once more completing the 12 days, but the group was in a different position so they had to pay attention and remember the appropriate exercise. All except Jitterbug and HallPass who luckily were in their same spot in the rotation.
Last exercise, Monkey humpers (30 in cadence). #spite


PAX Jitterbug, Red Dragon, Bobby Knight, I Pity the Fool, Patch, Hall Pass, Jiggawatt, Formage, AirBall and TPS



These PAX members are regulars and were absent, but missed.
Seethru, Foot Fairy, Magic Dragon, Steely Dan, Canary, Bell Hop

These Pax have a semi permanent pass to attend Nordic Track – Stick Shift, Kaizen, Black Swan, Misfire, Byrider, Hoosier (#comeonman)