It was a very brisk morning at the Hump.  And a very bright morning in the gloom, since some one forgot to turn the lights off at the Spencer Love Tennis Center last night.   YHC was tempted to call and audible and have the beat down on the tennis courts, but we probably would have been run off the property in short order.  And we would have stressed Poehler out as well.   The PAX rolled in.  Maneater showed up fresh off the cast of Survivor, working from home has been great for him…. Once J Love arrived with his Huge White Truck and managed to park it, YHC commenced with the mission statement and disclaimer, which was ignored by the very chatty PAX.  In my exasperation, I exclaimed “AM I TALKING TO MYSELF HERE?”  And Bodett confirmed that I was.


Short mosey to the middle of the lot:

15 Imperial Walkers IC

15 Hillbillies  IC

15 Copperhead Squats IC

16 Hammy Scoops AKA Iroquois Summer IC (YHC was very disappointed that Maneater decided to splinter run and missed this)

15 Little Baby Arm Circles Forward (LBACF) IC

15 Little Baby Arm Circles Reverse (LBACR) IC

YHC then called a Single Applesauce Mosey to the Rec Center.  It took the pax a short while to start the back to front.

At the Rec Center wall:  The Thang consisted of a two man grinder where partner one stayed at the wall and did AMRAP leg exercises and partner two ran to the church parking lot and did 5 merkins at the first speed bump ran the second speed bump and returned doing five more merkins at the first speed bump then back to the rec center, flapjack.

The exercises at the wall were Wall Sits, Copperhead Squats, Single Leg Lunges, Calf Raises, Toy Soldiers, Wall Sits.

Back to the flag for Mary:

Dying Cockroach, Wiggle Planks, Nolan Ryans, ended with LBCs (LET FREEDOM RING)

-It’s been over a week since this beatdown, I can barely remember what happened now, getting old sucks.  I do remember Poehler was sucking wind halfway through…