Earlier this year, I made a decision to refrain from leading workouts until 2021, because I was feeling a little burnt out. I spent this past weekend hiking and camping with a couple buddy and close relative, and our boys ranging from 3 ½ to 11 years old. There is nothing like the forest to recharge & regain perspective. There is nothing like God’s handiwork on full display. Watching my boys laugh, cry, and grow while navigating the terrain spoke deeper to me than any sermon I’ve ever heard. This weekend showed me that there is no greater blessing than to pass the mantel of manhood to the next generation, and seeing boys turn into men of virtue.

So, when Baby Bop asked me to pick up the Q at Fenceline, how could I refuse? F3 is literally about passing it on. We do not horde this thing we call “male community leadership”. With this mindset, I approached my Q-ship this morning, and the work got done. Male community leadership was enhanced, the six was picked up, and no man was left where we found him.

Warm-A-Rama @ the Octagon

  1. Side Straddle Hop [x20IC]
  2. Hillbilly Squats [x20IC]
  3. Mall Cop’s Merkin Mania: Ranger, Hand-Release, Diamond, Bird-Dog (alternating L/R) & Carolina Dry-Docks [x25SC each]


Thang @ the School Turn-about & Top O’ the Hill (*10 Rounds attempted, six rounds completed)

Instruction: Pax start at the Turn-about, perform x10 SC Wojo Star Jumps, then run to the Top O’ the Hill and perform x10 SC Burpees, and return to the Turn-about. Repeat this cycle as a team and planking or hold an Al Gore (Isometric-Squat) until the Six is in. Complete the WSJ and move onto the Turkish Get-Ups.

  1. Turn-about: Wojo Star-Jumps aka IPC: Jungle Boi Squats [x50SC]
  2. Turn-about: Turkish Get-Ups [x50SC]
  3. Top O’ the Hill: [x100SC]



  1. Scissor Kick V-Up (Crunch on the third count) [x20IC]
  2. Leg Circles [x10IC: R/L]
  3. Banana (Boat position in yoga) w/ Pendulum Leg Swings [x10IC]
  4. Superman-Banana Jacks (Superman-Banana positions while performing Side Straddle Hops) [x20IC: R/L]
  5. American Jack Hammer (American Hammer/Merkin (pushup) Ladder: 5/5, 10/10, 15/15)

Mosey to the Flag


Viagra, Huggies, Ricardo, and Slumlord-QIC

Rucker Splinter: Gilligan, Butt-Fumble, Bulldog, Scooby-do, ESL, Etch-a-Sketch, & Longtime


No announcements


YHC took the liberty of having no announcements to share about my weekend as described above, and to encourage the Pax to not keep what we have to ourselves, but give it away, and live out what we model in the gloom, at home, work, and in the community, for we can give hope to the community for such a time as this.

  • T-claps to Viagra for enduring my little soapbox speech on virtue.
  • Big-ups to Ricardo for not leaving anything on the field this morning. Top-shelf effort.
  • Standing ovation to Huggies for grinding it out when his face clearly said, “no more please”.
  • Virtual high-5 to Gilligan for continuing to inspire us all.

~Slumlord out.