It was a perfect morning at Cougar Town last Sat.!  I nice layer of gloom hung over the fields, as we began our approach to the track….

PAX:  Jigawatt, Patch, TPS, Wicked, All Black, See Thru, Magic Dragon, Foot Fairy, Bellhop, Kaizen, Jitterbug -Q

Warm O

SSH’s, Lucky 7’s, String Rippers, Lunges, Hi-Jack Hi-Jills, Press Press Fling

Moseyed to bottom of hill approaching the track, then we lunged to the top.


Burpee Indian Run (thanks Ramses)  1st lap, standard Indian Run, 2nd lap, Burpee Indian Run (back runner does a burpee, catches pax and passes everyone to the front), 3rd lap standard Indian Run, 4th lap, Burpee Indian Run

Lunge 100 meters, walk to the bench’s, 15 Dips at bench’s IC, Side Lunge 100 meters, walk to bench’s, 15 dips, IC, lunge to start

Mosey back to parking lot on side of school for Parking Lot Purgatory -Version 2.0-

Each man picks a parking lot line to start, at that line does 5 Crab Cakes, 5 Hand Release Merkins, 5 Jump Lunges>moves to next line and does 6 of the same 3 exercises, moves to next line, 7 of each> etc up to 10 of each, once complete turns to go in the other direction and reverses the ladder,

10 Crunchy Frogs, 10 Diamond Merkins, 10 Bobby Hurley’s, move to next line, 9 of each exercise, move to next line, 8 of each, etc. down to 5.  Once finished, plank for the 6 (pretty sure it was me).

Mosey to Flag for Mary

Circle of Hate, each man leads the Pax in an exercise of 10 count (or IC).  One’s I recall, Merkins (Patch), Some kind of supped up Peter Parker (SeeThru), Burpees, 60 sec plank (wicked)

Announcements:  2nd F Coffee at Super Starbucks on Battleground, Freed to Bleed at Omega Sports today,

COT: TPS took us out.  Father God thank you a great morning, thank you for the way that we get to see the light come over the hill and horizon and how it brightens everything.  I hope that we can be that light for our community and take the effort and the energy that we get from these exercises and push it forward to be the change agents in our community.  Amen


Stats: 2 miles, 318 calories, 36 ft in elev gain, my avg heart rate was 104, Peak 151.