Date: 11/10/2020

Workout: Fenceline

Location: Irving Park Elementary

Pax: Viagra (Respect), Picasso (Respect), J-Woww, Gilligan, Bravo, Patch (QIC), Splinters: Long Time, Scooby Doo (Respect), Gilligan

J-Woww came by early for a little EC Mosey.  He’s about to have a child in about a month so he’s planning a hiatus from F3 to reduce the risk of contracting COVID and not being able to be in the hosipital.  I started talking Backblasts, Attendance, Shenanigans and Q Schedule and couldn’t stop rambling (some Pax know what it’s like…uh Xerox).

Perfect weather for a workout.

Mission Statement was given.  A twist on the disclaimer “Don’t do anything you’re not comfortable doing, which is kind of the point of working out”.   Get out of your comfort zone.

Warm A Rama

Mosey up to the basketball court to start things off.

Mosey around to the basketball court.

20 – Side Straddle Hop IC

15 – Goofballs  IC

Runners Stretch/Lunge

20 – Toy Soldiers IC

20 – Sun Gods (Active Sobriety Style) IC

Active Sobriety Style, I called it “Traveling Sobriety Style” but think “Active” fits better, probably will change.  Leg forward for a 4 count, side for a 4 count, back for a 4 count.  Repeat.  Gets tougher as you go, with fatigue.

The Thang 1

There are 3 Buckets at 4 Stations scattered around the AO.  Under each bucket you will find an Exercise, a Location, and a Count.

1) Pick a bucket, do the exercise with the Count you took with you.

2) Return the Bucket as it was.

3) Remember the new Count.

4) Mosey to the next Location.

Since there were only 5 of us, we kept the group together, starting at the Basketball Court.

Mtn. Climbers; New Count: 20; Location Elizabeths Pizza

After a relatively long Mosey, the 2nd Bucket was flipped resulting in:

Burpees; New Count: 20; Location: Main Parking Lot

20 Burpees, man that’s a lot after that run…it gets better.

Carolina Dry Docks; New Count: 30; Location: Elizabeths Pizza

As a Q, I set this up but had no idea what the route would be.  We could have never even gotten to Elizabeths Pizza.  I was thinking if we split up, we may have one group share the story of Elizabeths.  We ended up being that group.

Long Mosey back to Elizabeths, to flip what is now the 4th Bucket.

Burpees; New Count: 20; Location: Baseball Field

Burpees again?! We can’t do that.  Choose the last bucket, we’ll do that.  Uh, THEY’RE ALL BURPEES! Bahahaha.  So here we are, laughing about the current conditions, doing Burpees like we’ve got to pay the mortgage.  Let’s take the buckets with us so we don’t have to come back.  We won’t have enough time to make another trip out.

At the Baseball Field, Bravo picked a Bucket.

Jump Squats; New Count: 10; Location: Main Parking Lot

At the Main Parking Lot, Viagra picked…

Speed Skaters; New Count: 15; Location: Basketball Court

We did the speed skaters single count.

Back to the Basketball Court; might as well do one more set.

Squats; New Count: 20; Location: Baseball Field

This one had a cone underneath it as well which was predetermined to add 10 to the Count so we did 25 (15 Count carried from the Main Parking Lot).

This was an interesting routine.  It would have been easier to just say alright Squats 20 then go to the Baseball Field.  To me anyways, it was fun to have to remember the count.

As a modification we could do +/- counts and keep adding to the current count.  If the group count goes below a certain threshold it gets reset.

It’s cool you could do this routine with the same exact setup and get different results every time.

The Thang 2

I had setup another mini – thang so that when the groups come back together, we can do something besides Mary.  At the bottom of the ramp there’s 3 different counts.  At the top of the ramp there are 3 different exercises.  Picasso picked 20 as the count and ran up the ramp and selected Ranger Merkins.  We did those all together on Picasso’s down.

We went ahead and did one more.  50 Wojo Squats is what it ended up being.  We went around each calling out 10 Wojo Squats “on my down”.


Low Dolleys – 20 IC (Patch)

Heal Touches – 25 IC (J-Woww)

LBCs – 20 IC (Bravo)

Cindy Crawfords – 10 Each Side (Picasso)

WWIs – 29 (Viagra)

American Hammers – 10 IC



Turkey Bowl and Planksgiving is coming up.

Just had our blood drive.  Someone heard we had about 20 units of blood if I heard that correctly.  T-Claps!

Search Ministries Office we have 3rd F

J-Woww’s M is pregnant and expecting next month.

Gilligan took us out.

Thanks for the opportunity to lead.  I promise to keep coming up with stupid ideas.

  • Patch