PAX: Slumlord, Hallpass, Viagra -R-, Red Dragon, The Blue Oyster -R-, Buttfumble, Patch, Cool Runnings, EyeRoll, Crockett -R-, Xerox-R-, Strange Brew, Spackler-R-, Simone, Radiator-R-, Hoosier, Bird’s Nest, Baby Bop, TPS, Sacked-R-, Gilligan, Drizzle-R-, Guiding Light, Scooby Doo-R-, Amelia-R-, Jitterbug -R- Q

50 didn’t really seem like a big deal, but I’ll have to say that 60 is a wake up call!  Time is not on our side!  🙂  So here we go, great day at Fenceline, perfect weather and temps.

We started with the mission, and the disclaimer.


Windmills, Hillbillies, String Rippers> Mosey out of parking lot to Cornwallis Dr. > left to Dellwood> Left to parking lot entrance, aprox 2.5/10ths of a mile.


Two lines!  On me and Bop!  That didn’t go quite like I thought it would.  🙂  The person beside you is your partner, you will both do all the excercises, you can help your partner, but he has to do them.  Every excercise is 60 (and forgot to say till later, then you run the route we just ran, back to here).  All exercises are single count.

The excercises were:

SSH’s , Mtn. Climbers, Imperial Walkers, Crunchy Frogs, Merkins, Box Cutters, Squats, Shoulder Taps, Air Presses, Plank Jacks, LBC’s, Carolina Dry Docks.

Many of the teams completed all of this!  Running total was aproximately 3 miles.  Good times.

The Sprinter runners sang part of Happy Birthday song as they returned!  🙂  AYE!

Name O- Rama was done.

Announcements: Triple Lindy will be Sat. the 24th at 6-9 = 3 Murphs, unweighted.  Gunny on Q at Cougar Town, this Sat. Q School is this coming Thursday at two locations, 530-630, and Saturday at Nordic Tract and Wakanda on Saturday. The Dash needs Q’s, get w Butt Fumble.

COT: I said a few words about how much I appreciate you guys!  We grow together.  Iron Sharpens Iron!  Aye.  I gave a prayer.