Date: 09/26/2020

Workout: Cougar Town

Location: Kernodle Middle School

Pax: Hoosier, Droid, Kaizen (Respect), Hall Pass, Jigawatt, Red Dragon, Bobby Knight, Steely Dan, TPS, Patch (QIC)


Hall Pass asked me on Wednesday if I’d Q this coming Saturday, as a substitute for Foot Fairy.  Not usually one to turn a Pax member down, I accepted.  IPC week 4 is going on this week and knew I wasn’t doing it Wednesday, and now Saturday morning; so, at some point I’ll get it in.

Welp, let’s make it a good one. YHC had an idea for some field exercises and ran with it.  The Friday night stopped at the Home Depot for some yard spikes.  Couldn’t really find ones that would be both cost effective and sufficient.

I ended up grabbing a bundle of 1×3 furring strips in a bundle of 15.  Getting back to my shop, I setup my miter saw and sat the entire bundle up on it.  Taking my Milwaukee mud mixing drill out, swapped the bit for a drill bit, continued to make a hole at the top of each stack; 5 at a time.  Angling the miter saw to 50 degrees I cut through the entire bundle at once, effectively 30 cuts worth.  Removing one of the stacks, I finished off the spear with an opposite 50-degree angle, 5 spikes at a time.  About 15 minutes of work for 30 ~4ft yard spikes.

Wal-Mart for laminating sheets, tacks, and rope.  Back home to cut the ropes to about 9 ft length; tied bowline knots on both ends.  Will use zip-ties to attach them to the spikes in the morning.   Made up the weinkies, 14 of them!  Charge my watch, throw everything in the GR1, placed it in front of the door, YHC is ready for the AM.

Messaged Hall Pass at 0535 asking for a favor.  I wanted foam pipe insulation tubes to cover the small rope with.  I had missed Lowes by 1 minute on the way home from Wal-Mart.  Hall Pass was on it.

Out on the baseball field, the ground was too hard to drive in the spikes.  Time to adapt.  Jogged over to the soccer practice fields with all the gear in hand (8lb sledgehammer included), got started on the setup.  I’ve got about 30 minutes at this point to get it together.  Driving stakes in, attaching zip ties and rope.  Also as part of the preparation, the pre-made rope assemblies were packaged into Ziplock bags to avoid them from getting tangled.

10 minutes remaining to get the weinkies attached to the spikes.  Dropped the Thang 1 Wienke off at the track, hop in the truck, drive to the shovel flag for the start of the workout; still dark btw.

Mission Statement and Disclaimer

Everybody grab a pool noodle (or 2) and lets go.

Warm A Rama

First mosey’d down to Thang 2 to set the pool noodles on the lines.  That went slightly better than anticipated.

Mosey to the center of the football field.  Promising that this workout would be different, lets be different.  60 second plank to start, exercises increasing by 5 reps each exercise, up to 30.

60 Sec Plank

5 – Burpees OYO

10 – Windmills IC

15 – String Rippers IC

20 – Hillbillies IC

25 – Merkins IC

30 – Mountain Climbers IC

The Thang 1

Not typical for Cougar Town is a track workout.  YHC continues to train for a fast mile time, always happy to get some track time in.

100 M – 100 M Jog

200 M – 200 M Jog

400 M – Merkins6

600 M – Plank6

800 M – Pickup the 6

Nobody was really excited to be running a lot but everyone got better!

The Thang 2

This is where things get interesting.  There were 4 circuits setup on one run of 10 hurdles.  After circuit A, do a lap, do circuit B, do a lap, do circuit C, do a lap, do circuit D.  Rinse and repeat.  First two hurdles were about 5 ft apart, then about 15 yards to another pair of hurdles, then 15 yards to 4 hurdles, and lastly another pair of hurdles.  Scattered throughout the circuit were additional exercises.

Circuit A: Over-Under-Run

Circuit B: Under-Over-Bear Crawl

Circuit C: Over-Over-Run

Circuit D: Under-Under-Bear Crawl

Essentially, circuits going out are runs, circuits coming back are bear crawls.  For the most part Pax were staying together and sequential.  After a few circuits we broke up a bit but it was never really congested in the obstacles.  After all 4 circuits, we nixed the exercises and just went through the series of hurdles without stopping.

Additional Exercises scattered across the course:

10 – Burpees

10 – Merkins (SC)

10 – Mexican Squats (SC)

10 – Bonnie Blairs (SC)

10 – Goof Balls (SC)

10 – Plank Jacks (IC)

10 – Squats (SC)

Omaha was called at 7:22.


Called out “Wildcard” for the Mary.  Lately been my only kind of Mary.  Let others call the exercise and the cadence.

15 – LSF with arms up, 15 – LSF with arms out to side (Hall Pass)

14 – In and Outs (Jigawatt)

10 – E2K each side (Bobby Knight)

5 – Turk and Burps (Red Dragon)

15 – Heal Touches (Steely Dan)

20 – Monkey Humpers (TPS)

14 – American Hammers (Patch)



Steely Dan has a VQ at Death Star this coming week.  Also, 2nd Q coming 10/5 at Col ‘Hard’ Fax.

IPC is wrapping up this week so we can get back to somewhat normal.

Coffee at the Jumping Bean.

Try and get an FNG out this week.

YHC took us out.

We’re grateful for F3 and to be able to do this.