September 4, 2020

Stick shift needed a replacement Q. As if anyone could replace him or his counting abilities. But Guiding Light assured me I could suffice.
Suffering Q brain freeze, YHC wasn’t sure what to do. Then, Centerfold mentioned Wednesday he was working on an F3 calendar and needed to know some birthdays. Light bulb over head clicks on. Ready to roll.

Thirty-one pax entered the parking lot endured a quick disclaimer and mosey around to get the blood moving.

PAX (in order)

MATLOCK, GHERKIN, CANARY, Good Hands, Guiding Light, Settlement, Silicon, Opey, Radiator, Strange Brew, Spike, Stretch, Buck, JR, Defib, Drizzle, Hoosier, AB, Butt Fumble, Piano Man, Huffy, Aquaman, Bobby Knight, Red Dragon, BLACK SWAN, Fletch, Pity the Fool, Jingles, Patch, Wicked and TPS.

Each month was an exercise count set by DOB

Second round was favored 2.0’s DOB. lot’s of fun for Buck and Aquaman.

Ended with a nice Air Raid


pleasure to serve