PAX: Kaizen, Hall Pass, Crawlspace, Ozone, Snookie, Gigawatt, Patch, Ratchet (FNG-Nick Romanoski), Spark (FNG-Cassidy Woods), Emo (FNG-James Duncan), Longfellow (FNG-Dillon Salmon), Sign Flipper (FNG-Will Cadena), Dark Web (FNG – Joe Smith), Sacked – QIC

14 PAX including YHC showed up on time and ready to go at Cougartown this morning. It was a special honor for us to have 6 FNG’s, all in town with the Marine Corps Reserves for training. They had heard about F3 workouts and decided to give it a try. They were at the Shovelflag early so I could explain a little about how the workout would start and finish and the in between as well.

Starting at 6;30 a.m. sharp the PAX moseyed to the middle parking lot on the way to the track and field. Circled up and we were on our way with the Warma- Rama.


  • Imperial Walkers x 15ic
  • Peter Parkers x 15ic
  • String Rippers x 15ic
  • Lucky 7’s

From there we moseyed up to the football field.


On one sideline (starting point) there were several sheets with a list of exercises and number of reps to perform. After each sequence of reps we would run across the field to the other sideline and back and keep going with the exercise sequence. Each time coming back from the run we would pick up the next exercise still doing the ones from the start and just adding a new exercise each time. This was OYO.

In addition to the regular Thang workout there was a BONUS BUCKET THROW that was set up in the middle of the field. In the goal post area of one end zone there was a large square bullseye target and 25 yards away was a bucket with a football on top of it. At any time during the workout if a PAX member felt the need to try it out they would select 1 person to go to the target zone with them. When a PAX member picked their partner and headed to the target area the rest of the PAX stopped where they were and held plank and al gore to observe the outcome. PAX members who chose to try the football throw got 1 practice throw to their partner and then the moment of truth. If the could hit the bullseye with the football he and his partner could return to the workout and the rest of the PAX had to take a lap, but if he missed he and his partner had to take the lap while the PAX continued their workout of course with a little mumble chatter added in. By my count 6 teams took the challenge with several hits and several misses.


  •   5  Burpees
  • 10  Werkins
  • 15  WW1 SIT-UPS
  • 20  Lunges
  • 25  Merkins
  • 30  LBC’s
  • 35  Monkey Humpers
  • 40  Shoulder Taps
  • 45  Pickle Pushers
  • 50  Squats

With time running tight we circled up in the middle of the field for Mary


  • LSF X 15ic
  • Freddie Mercury x 15ic
  • American Hammer x 10ic


We did the Name-A-Rama on the field and then moseyed back to the ShovelFlag for COT


  1. We gave a thanks and welcome again to our visitors from the Marine Corps Reserve
  2. Kaizen is on the Q next Saturday at Cougartown


  • Thanks Hall Pass for the opportunity to lead today.
  • Great effort from the entire group today. Patch set a swift pace around the track as always. Ozone as always pushing at all times during the beat down.
  • The Football throw at the target was a lot of fun for the PAX to watch or participate. TClaps to all who took the plunge.
  • FNG Spark flat out killed the workout.
  • TClaps to Staff Sgt Smith, better known now as Dark Web, for bringing his team out this morning for the beat down. We welcome you guys back any time you are in town.
  • TClaps to Crawlspace and Hall Pass for working through the hangover pains from the Iron Pax launch this past week. It was no joke from what we hear.
  • Great to workout with Gigawatt and Kaizen who I don’t get to see very often. Thanks for posting this morning.
  • Snookie in the House – always a good morning with some dialed chatter when our man posts. TClaps Snookie.

COT – YHC took us out.

Lot of fun and great group to work out with this morning. Peace! Sacked