Those early to rise on this humid morning and found their way to Mendenhall Middle School were awakened to a first ever Norwood special Herb Albert/Notorious BIG warm-o-rama to get the blood flowing. We welcome FNG, Bryan aka Magnolia who kept pace with this determined bunch. We also welcome back Flash Dance, who has not posted in awhile, although you wouldn’t have known it. The mumble chatter was in full effect as can be expected at Rainbow Dash.


To the tune of Rise by Herb Albert, combined with Hypnotize by the Notorious BIG. Exercises changed depending on song cues.

SSH (20ic)

0:00 Rise
1/4 turn sun gods (turn on 4)
At horns 4 count windmills

2:10 Hypnotize
Jump until biggie, crab cakes

3:06 Side Lunges
Imperial walkers

4:06 Side Lunges
Butt Kickers in place

5:06 Side Lunges


The Thang

Bear Crawl Suicides

1) 20 Merkins, run suicide, backward bear crawl up hill

2) 20 WWIIs, run suicide, backward bear crawl up hill

3) 20 Burpees, run suicide, backward bear crawl up hill


Partner Grinder

Partner A: 40 Alabama Prom Dates
Partner B: Wall Sit

Partner A: 40 Dips
Partner B: BTW

Partner A: 40 Step Ups (20 each)
Partner B: Wall Sit

Partner A: 40 Decline Peter Parkers
Partner B: BTW



Low Slow Flutter, Freddy Mercurys, Mountain Climbers, Peter Parkers, American Hammers, all 20ic



Striker, Brisket, Ikea, Flash Dance, Egg Plant, Viagra, TJ Hooker, Houlihan, Monk, Cheddar, Expired, Magnolia (FNG), Norwood (Q)



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