PAX: WKRP, Shallow Hal, Paula Dean, Secretary, Tommy Boy, Smog, Houlihan, Wojo, Driftah, STP, Simone, Etch a Sketch, Thurmanator, Flo Jo, Bruce Lee, Don’t Cha Know, P-Funk, Earhart, Square, Strange Brew, Radiator, Picasso, Drysdale, Akron, Pacer, Graffiti, Huggies, Matlock (QIC)

Despite YHC pre-posting the beatdown on Twitter, 28 pax STILL SHOWED UP.   This beatdown serves as a sample of what to expect when the Iron Pax Challenge starts.  You against you, with the PAX supporting each other through the suffering.

WARMARAMA:  Imperial Walkers 15 IC, Hillbillies 15 IC; Mountain Climbers 15 IC;  Hug Thy Self 10 IC; String Rippers 10 IC; Windwills 10 IC



Starting at 5:35, At the bottom of the parking deck:

30 side straddle hops single count

Run to the top of the deck and then do:

7 burpees

14 merkins

21 goblet squats

28 squared air claps

35 LBCs

run down to the bottom

Rinse and repeat for 4 sets, hard stop at 6:07

MARY:  Various planks while the PAX finished; Nolan Ryans 10 IC each side; Freddie Mercuries 15 IC; Cindy Crawfords 15 IC; American Hammer 1 IC


-Bruce Lee was on fire today.  It will be interesting to see how he places in the Iron Pax Challenge

-TClaps to Pacer and Smog for going back after the COT and completing their 4th set.

-Thanks to Kilowatt, the redwood who brought this beatdown to Natville in 2014.  If you need to be angry at someone today, don’t look at me, look at him!


-Keep Gunny, Crab Cake and J Love in your prayers as they recover from illness.



We put in the work this morning.  Hopefully this was the hardest thing we will do all day.  But if not, this will prepare us to deal with what life brings us. Let us steadfastly support our Ms and 2.0s during this unprecedented time.  Let us be the leaders that Jesus intends us to be.

It was an honor to lead the PAX this morning.