PAX: Pacer, Mallcop, Nancy, Bulldog (QIC), Weasel, Fletch, Bundle, Puddle Jumper, Joanna, Gecko, Bob the Builder, Axle, Screwed, Gold Dust, Gepetto, Ultimate
Warmarama: side straddle hops, IC 25. Ran to gravel lot.
Run across parking lot, followed by a recovery exercise. Gradually we increased the intensity to 100% full sprint, which we did 10 times. The exercises included stretches, planks, shoulder tap, merkins, LBC. YHC was out of breathe, and pretty sure there were a few others that were struggling which is a good thing.
Ran to the wind chime for merkin and lunges ladder, adding to 15 (1 merkin 14 lunges, 2 merkins 13 lunges). For better synchronization it was modified as group exercise. Then moseyed back to shovel flag.
MOM: E2K 25x, spelling (on the ground, use legs to spell out “BULLDOG” ), American Hammer 20x.
several brothers have covid, its important to continue to social distance.
spackler going for a follow up surgery today, your prayers are always helpful.

QIC prayed us out.