When   8/12/20
AO        Natty’s Hump
QIC       Snowflake

The Pax: Beatdown (16):  Sacked (R), Birds Nest, Ozone, Stretch (R), CJ, Strange Brew, Poehler, Houlihan, Butt Fumble, Nutmeg (R), Sugar Cake, Radiator (R), Mr. Belding (R), Fannie, Silicon

Splinters (13): Wojo (R), Hazmat (R), JLove, Scooby Doo (R), Long Time, Everest (R), Tommy Boy, Jingles, Etch-a-Sketch (R), Norwood, Ricardo, Mahler, Guiding Light


Note to all future Q’s – lookup the sunrise time and lighting at the AO before finalizing your plan. 16 PAX navigated the darkness this morning at the Natty’s Hump Baseball Field. Fortunately, we had only one known injury.  There was a great mix of PAX and ample mumble chatter following the warm-o-rama. No FNG’s today. The F3 mission statement and disclaimers were delivered.  This is what followed:

Mosey to the parking lot.

Warm a rama
String Rippers 15IC
Imperial Walker Squats 15IC
Sun Gods 10IC each way
Mountain Climbers 15IC

Count off by 3 – that is your group. Indian Run to the ball field – two lines, social distancing strongly encouraged.

The Thang

3-man grinder. Two stations. Pax 1 begins at station 1, Pax 2 and 3 run to station 2. Pax 2 starts exercises, Pax 3 keeps running back to station 1. Running between stations is on the warning track, outer edges of the field. AMRAP each exercise until relieved by Partner. Q mentioned needing to be more grateful, particularly in the times we are living in right now, so Station 1 exercises all based on being GRATEFUL.

Station 1
Gorilla Humpers
Ranger Merkins
Alternating Shoulder Taps
Twinkle Toes (Al Gore while doing calf raises #intheexicon)
E2K (alternate legs every 10 reps)
Freddie Mercuries
Up Up Down Down
Low Slow Flutter

Station 2
Carolina Dry Docks
Crab Cakes
Copperhead Squats
Plank Jacks
Dying Cockroach
Peter Parkers
Lt. Dans
WWII Sit Ups

Completed about 80% of the workout before Omaha was called for time.

Box Cutters 15IC
Cindy Crawfords 10IC each side
LSF Crunches 15IC #crowdpleaser
American Hammer 15IC


  • Keep Spackler in your prayers as he undergoes a heart procedure today
  • Pray for Sugar Cake’s mom Patty who is undergoing a procedure
  • Tommy Boy and Fannie asking for volunteers to help community members register to vote – Thursday 5-7p. Glenwood United Methodist Church. Bring a laptop if you have it. Contact TB to let him know you are interested.

Stretch took us out. Thank you sir.


  • Always good to be in the gloom with F3 brothers
  • Appreciate the not so subtle hint from Birds Nest for YHC to look at my watch.
  • YHC is going to petition F3Nation to add a new term to the Lexicon: “Sugar Daddies” = Respect club members that don’t run very fast. YHC is in the initial group. Motto: “We may be old, but we are slow.”
  • TClaps to Sacked for the discussion post-workout. Challenge is to get to know our brother’s better.
  • Next time, YHC will ask members to wear headlamps when working out on the field with a 5:30a start
  • Lots of runners today working on the Covid-19 miler. Great work gents.