Hoosier, Pitino, Black Swan, Cottontail, Slumlord, Byrider (Q)


YHC received a text Sunday night requesting some transportation home after the workout so Hoosier could run to AO……almost 6 miles in (STUD). I arrived early for some EC running with Pitino and as we rounded the corner back to the flag there was Hoosier seemingly unfazed by his trot to CHF. Slummy arrived on the scene next, followed closely by the rest of the PAX.

Warm: SSH, Sun gods, Chinooks, rippers etc.



Cinder Block work

Two cones approximately 50 yards apart on parking lot.

We started with a Bears and Blocks cone to cone…….Hoosier left his gloves at flag and had to retrieve them. We held an Al-Gore with the block while he retrieved them and promptly started his crawl.


Presses, Curls, Squats

Cusak back to other cone

More exercises………    Somewhere during one of the crawls Pitino smashed his block in an effort to make it easier to push……..HA!…..This Q had extra blocks…..so his was immediately replaced. 

Bear and Blocks

More exercises

For a twist we Crawl Bear and blocked our way back to cone (Crowd Pleaser) and mixed in some ab work

21s led by Slummy

Homer and Marge while pressing block


Some more ab work

YHC took us out