Location: Sad Clown Killer
Date: August 6, 2020.
Time: 0530

Conditions: 68F, 42% humidity.

PAX (Count 8): Shingles, Air Ball, Black Swan, Cotton Tail, Red Dragon, TPS, Hoosier and Foot Fairy (QIC)

At 0530 F3 disclaimer and mission statement delivered.

Mosey to SES front parking lot

Goof balls IC- 25
Abe Vigoda – 10
String Rippers – 15
Sun Gods IC – 15 forwards and 15 reverse
Overhead Claps IC- 15
Flock o’ seagulls IC – 15
Hillbillies IC-15
Copperhead Squats

Short mosey to picnic tables/benches
15 Erkins
15 Dips
15 Derkins
10 Step-Ups each leg

Short Mosey to Bus Parking Lot
The Thang:
WORK OUT DECK (of Destiny/death/diarrhea etc.)

Mosey Back to Flag

Mary (TPS’ Circle of pain):
15 Heel touches (TPS)
16 American Hammers (Shingles)
17 LBCs (Red Dragon)
18 Outlaws (Hoosier)
19 Low Dollies (Black Swan)
20 Hip Dips (Cottontail)
21 Dying Cockroaches (Air Ball)
22 Gas pumps (YHC)

TAP for the safety of those travelling this week and next.
Cottontail on Q next week at SCK— bringing Pandora’s Box of pain and suffering.

TPS took the PAX out in prayer and shared insightful thoughts for reflection and introspection.

Honored to lead.