Lunatic Fringe

  • Friday July 31, 2020
  • 0530 – 0615
  • Temperature – a thick 75 degrees at launch


K-Cup, Phoenix, Flo Jo, Steely Dan, Bobby Knight, Red Dragon, Butt Fumble, Wicked-RESPECT, Buck, Radiator-RESPECT, JR, Ricola, Houlihan, Stretch-RESPECT, Guiding Light, Airball, Canary, Hallpass, TPS, Stick Shift, Spike, Explosion, Jitterbug-RESPECT, Baby Bop, Bruce Lee – QiC

For those that feel inclined to whip it out and have a measuring contest, 14 for the Bruce Lee beatdown, 11 for the Broga Show, all together for Mary, COT, and Announcements

With the Pax assembled the mission of F3 was proclaimed:

The mission of F3 is to plant, grow, and serve small workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership

YHC then dispensed of the necessary disclaimers and with that we rolled out for a Mosey around the full parking lot and to the back of the school on the Lacrosse fields. Spike’s attentiveness noticed the plane flying overhead and called out for an “air-raid” -3 burpees OYO. We then assembled along one end of the field for:

The Warm-A-Rama:

  • Run 50 yds forward
  • Run 50 yds backwards
  • Karaoke 50 yds
  • Karaoke 50 yds back
  • Sprinters Skips 50 yds
  • Butt Kickers 50yds back
  • Run 50 yds forward
  • Run 50 yds backwards

That’s the warmarama for today – a bit of a different take, but it got the job accomplished.

The Pax then lined up along one edge of the firled were given instructions for:

The Thang

A simple ladder of 6 stations, the first five were spread 10 yards apart, with the last station on the opposite end of the field. Pax was instructed to do the action to get to the next station, then return to the beginning and repeat. Pax accomplished this until all members made it through the 6th station. The layout is as follows:


Station 6 – Plank for a 60 count


50yds{ | – All you got! (SPRINT) to the finish


Station 5 – Monkey Humpers x 50


10yds{ | – Sprinter Skips from station 4 to station 5


Station 4 – Goofballs x 40


10yds{ | – Crab Walk from station 3 to station 4


Station 3 – LBCs x 30


10yds{ | – Duck Walk from station 2 to station 3


Station 2 – Wojo Squats x 20


10yds{ | – Alligator Crawl from station 1 to station 2


Station 1  – Mtn Climbers x 10)


10yds{ |


Start: Burpee Broadjump to station 1

All Pax made it through all six station with Sugar Rays partially rinsing and repeating.

OMAHA was called and given the time we circled up for a Burpee Ring of Fire. Pax held a plank until it was their turn to perform a burpee and we continued this until we reach 100.
We then moseyed back to the flag and joined forces with The Show for:


  • Box Cutters x 20 IC
  • Gas Pumps x 20 IC
  • Cindy’s right side x 15 IC
  • Cindy’s left side x 15 IC
  • Low dolly x 20 IC, and
  • American Hammers IC x 20



VQ Alert !!! – next Wednesday 8/5, Centerfold has his VQ at Deathstar

Shovel flag handoff!!! – Saturday 8/1, Cougartown shovel flag handoff from Red Dragon to Hallpass! Stickshift on the Q

Coffee at Kevin’s – The Jumping Bean aftewards


YHC shared how much I appreciate and find joy in the banter back and forth between the Fringe and the Funk on Twitter and how there is a good place for that kind of healthy rivalry and ribbing of one another. Today, Akron was Qing at the Funk and were I not Qing here, I would have been down there to support him; and I believe were he not Qing at the Funk he would have been here to support me just like we do. In fact, we ended up working together to deliver the same Q at the Fringe and the Funk. It was just a simple way to show that there is more that unites us than divides us, and as men committed to leadership within our communities and within our homes we need to seek out that which unites us, look for it and work for it. So it wasn’t hard to combine our thoughts into one combined Q, yes it may look a little different than what either of us would have come up with on our own, but I believe it is better for having combined our thoughts together and to have worked together to deliver something that shows we have more that unites us than divides us. Given what is going on in our world, we we need to be the kind of men that seek that out and work for that in our communities – Aye!

YHC – took us out with thanksgiving for this new day, the gift of it, and the hope the men in this circle gives for a better future.


Tclaps – Spike for speaking up and calling out the Air-raid this morning. Way to hold the line and keep us accountable!

Flo Jo – glad to have you at the Fringe this morning for the first time! Thanks for making the drive – that’s a commitment and for setting a strong example by working hard this morning.

Bruce Lee – out!