BLIMP purists must be twisting in their fart sacks. Norwood arrogantly decided that Bobby Hurleys will suffice instead of Burpees. Other depraved indulgences not fitting of a Q included Lieutenant Dans instead for Lunges and Step-Ups instead of Squats! Norwood how dare you sully our revered Exicon with your vile debauchery! You are not worthy to call yourself a Pax much less the esteemed title of Q! We implore you to burn your wiki and cast its ashes into a distant sea!


Pax gingerly pranced to and fro while engaged in gentile banter until we reached the gate at the other end of the parking lot.

SSH (20ic)
Sun Gods (20ic)
Shanooks (20ic)
Mountain Climbers (20ic)
Planck Jacks (20ic)

Part 1: The Scenario

The Tribe Called Quest Classic, The Scenario provides an upbeat cadence with 4 MCs for 5 exercises plus some burpees

Here We Go Yo Chorus: Burpees
Phife Dawg: Peter Parkers
C Brown: Crab Cakes
Dinko D: Diamond Merkins
Q Tip: Imperial Walkers
Busta Rhymes: Bobby Hurleys
Here We Go Yo Chorus: Burpees

Part 2: Beat Down: BLIMPS (sort-0f)

Pax were asked to partner up using the wink and point method of brotherly acknowledgement. After exchanging pleasantries, one partner ran away as fast as he can usually relieving himself of gas in the process. The other partner, feeling a mix of bewilderment and betrayal, stayed behind and commenced the exercises. Alas, the partner returns from his run with a devious smile! The partner who stayed gives a wag of his finger and exclaims “You wily ‘ole chap!” He then makes a go of a run, looks over his shoulder, and shakes his head knowing he never should have fallen for such shenanigans.

B Bobby Hurleys 100

L Lieutenant Dan 75

I Imperial Walkers 100

M Merkins 100

P Plank jacks 100

S Step-Ups 100 

Mary: Low Slow Flutters (20ic), LBC (20ic), American Hammers (20ic)

PAX: Settlement, Stretch, Picasso, Birds Next, Snowflake, Silicone, Hall Pass, Stinky Cheese, Butt Fumble, ScoobyDoo, LongTime, Ozone, JitterBug, Bruce Lee, Norwood (Q)

QIC: 7/29/20