Workout Date: 07/28/2020

Another humid morning in Greensboro.  A Pax of 9 showed up to see what Everest had up his sleeve.  It was the 20th time that YHC has Q’ed at Shake and Bake and it was an honor and a pleasure to run with these men today.  A brief disclaimer and without Warm-o-Rama we took off.  YHC had called an audible and instructed the Pax to meet at Super Starbucks.  We ran into Country Park for the Beavis.  This is a 4ish mile loop through the park and a nice route with a few hills thrown in.  We have been running it once a week all during the pandemic and it has helped me to keep what’s left of my mind.  That and the group that has been running with me.  Thanks to the pax, I have been able to avoid falling into a funk during these crazy days.  I appreciate that more than you know – thank you!

An unconventional day for Shake & Bake, but seemed to fit the bill today.


Everest took us out.


Drizzle, Cupcake, Guiding Light, Graffiti, Patch, Hazmat, Etch a Sketch, Radiator, and Everest (QIC)