AO Cadet Lab

Weather Humid!


Pitino, TPS, Cottontail, Daughtry, Spicoli, Black Swan, StickShift, Misfire, Eggplant, Byrider (Q)


So Pitino talked YHC into going for a record one-mile time today……see Strava…..this Clydesdale came nowhere near catching the rabbit

I came prepared with enough “supplies” for 10 PAX and guess what……we had a perfect 10!

Warmorama consisted of the normal stuff promptly followed by the real fun


Thang 1  with the added bonus of Pink Floyd playing Another Brick in the Wall part 1

50ish yards of Bears and Blocks  (Get on all fours (like you are doing a bear crawl) with your Cinder Block between your knees or feet. Reach between your legs and pull the Block  passed your head. Now, bear crawl forward until the Block is between your feet again, and keep repeating) The parking lot may be marred slightly.

Then a Say Anything Cusak over to the concession stand.

Thang 2

(more Pink floyd…..Confortably Numb, Another brick in the Wall part 2 and 3 and Wish you were here)

Wall work consisting of alternating exercises with wall sits with block as recovery in-between sets


Chicken Peckers IC

Donkey kicks OYO

Mike Tysons OYO

Dirty Hookup IC

BTW with Hip slaps 20 single count

Aussie mountain climbers

Dwight Howards


Cusak back to parking lot then lunge walk with block back to shovel flag



One long excruciating round of Homer and Marge courtesy of Pitino with “Lucy in the sky with Diamonds” for inspiration.



Shooting event was Amazing…..stay tuned for the next one…

4 Big Qs coming up at Cadet Lab…..Buck, Spike, JR, TPS


YHC took us out